Thursday, August 28
9pm - 2am.
electro. techno. drum+bass.
free < 10pm;
$5 after.
Final CODE event!

Main Room:

Cybrid (Belief Systems / Exact Science -- live PA)
Dusty Brown (XTORT -- live PA)
Scattershot Theory (Idiom Creak / Samplistic -- live PA)
Fruitbat + Dots and Zs (Lunatic Works)
Amber with live drumming by
Shank (:CODE / Epiphany / Cloud Factory)


UFO! (Phunckateck NY+SF)
Ultraviolet (Sleeveless / Future Breaks FM)
Femmes Fatales (Sleeveless / Compression)
Audio Angel (Sleeveless / Groundscore)