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Thump Radio presents
((( thump )))
Saturday, December 14
10pm - 7am.
psytrance. breaks.
Main Room:

S.U.N. Project (Spiritzone, Germany - performing live)
Dutch (Thump Radio)
Maxx (Biodegradable / Sirius Isness)
Uphonic (E.T.A. / F-8 / Thump Radio)


Masonic (Thump Radio)
A.T.U.M. (Thump Radio)
Michael Anthony (Mixology / Thump Radio)
Didje Kelli (Atomic)

Also featuring:

B. Smiley and the angelic vocals of Irina (Late Night Sneaky)

Body work and massage by Anahata Collective. String artistry by Andres and Amy. Shrine by Windy. Visuals by Chaos Consortium.