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Raise the Frequency and Stop Drop & Roll present
Saturday, September 22
9pm - after hours.
$15 advance;
$20 door.
All profits will be donated to the Firefighter's Relief Fund, in memory of Raise the Frequency's friend Alicia Titus, and will be 100% matched by a generous sponsor. DNA Lounge will be donating an additional $2 per person, and all DJs are donating their time and compensation.

Main Room:

Melyss (Mayonnaise / Sister)
Rodrigo (Community / Radiance / djradio.net)
Jason Knight (Stop Drop and Roll Productions)
Michael Anthony (Jet-Set / Spundae)
BioJeff (Syntonic)
Scott Carrelli (Setflow)


Dubhub Netvork
Chaka (Antarctica)
DJ Millhouse (Dublabs / Badlander Sound)
Jim Yu (Community / Radiance / UpsideDowntempo)
Tom Thump (Groove Merchant)
Seven (Cherry / High Rise Recordings)