<< >> 1985-1999

The list of bands who have performed at DNA Lounge since we re-opened in 2001 is well documented on our calendar. However, DNA Lounge has existed since 1985, and I've been making an effort to document the bands that played here before I was running things. This is the list I've been able to construct so far.

Clickable links below go to images of the shows' flyers, when we have them. (The originals of many of these flyers adorn the walls of DNA Pizza, our restaurant next door.)

If you have any updates or corrections, please let me know!

22 NovGrand Opening
17 DecHelen Keller Plaid, Overwhelming Colorfast
19 DecDick Brights, SRO
20 DecClubfoot Orchestra

09 AprFad Magazine's First Birthday: Marylin Monroe, The Monkees, David Thompson, Santiago, Miss Kitty and the Psycho Souls, Brian Raffi
16 AprSaqqara Dogs
21 MayDeborah Iyall
28 MayThe Usual Suspects
03 JunAdam Fisher
04 JunNothing Special
05 JunBrian Raffi, Alan Robinson
06 JunBrian Raffi, Ted Cousens
07 JunAdam Fisher, Ted Cousens
10 JunAdam Fisher
11 JunTorture Chorus, Andy Somma, Stephen Holman, Hilary Cummings
12 JunBrian Raffi, Alan Robinson
13 JunBrian Raffi, Ted Cousens
14 JunAdam Fisher, Ted Cousens
17 JunAdam Fisher
18 JunZulu Nation's Equinox Celebration
19 JunBrian Raffi, Alan Robinson
20 JunBrian Raffi, Ted Cousens
21 JunAdam Fisher, Ted Cousens
24 JunAdam Fisher
25 JunUp On The Roof Fashion Show
26 JunBrian Raffi, Alan Robinson
27 JunBrian Raffi, Ted Cousens
28 JunAdam Fisher, Ted Cousens
29 JunGay Parade Dance Party
09 JulMonochrome Bleu
30 JulSea Hags, Shiva Dancing, Adam Fisher, Paul King Lear
31 JulPsychic TV, Sea Hags, Shiva Dancing
06 AugGame Theory
07 AugChris Isaak
12 AugAgent Orange
13 AugJim Carroll
22 AugBlue in Heaven
30 SepPazazz Rock'n'Style Nite
15 OctLove Club
22 OctDude Theatre Presents: The D.T.S. Country & Western Extravaganza
31 OctHowie Klein's House of Horror
01 NovHoodoo Gurus
05 NovPolkacide, Zulu Pool, Dan Lauter, Dave Scheff
16 NovXX Sex, Cathy Sorbo
19 NovBeatnigs, The Borman 6
03 DecThe Tubes, Combination Go, Mingo
04 DecFirst Anniversary: Extreme Exposure, Barbara Liu, Santiago, The X-Trodinaires, Brian Raffi, Ted Cousens
18 DecChuck Z, Computerman, Ermanno di Febo, Eskimo, Winston Tong
?? ???Stiv Bators

14 JanLove Club, Nova Mob
10 FebChris Isaak
26 FebThe Ophelias, The Nymphs
19 MarRalph Records Release Party: Snakefinger, Terra Incognita, Negativland, Clubfoot Orchestra, F. Harris, M. Marquez
20 MarClubfoot Orchestra
27 MarChris Isaak
10 AprThe Big Wheel
22 AprTodd Rundgren, Bourgeois Tagg
01 MayLiving Color Quartet
02 MayLiving Color Quartet
20 MayHerb Green Gallery Opening: The Dinosaurs
29 MayDead Marilyn
30 MayDead Marilyn
02 JunSomething Else (every Tuesday): Adam Fisher
03 JunCold Sweat (every Wednesday): Adam Fisher
04 JunLighter Side of Dark (every Thursday): Ted Cousens
05 JunPlays Whatever He Wants (every Friday): Brian Raffi
06 JunPump It Up (every Saturday): Ted Cousens
07 JunThe Vintage Years (every Sunday): Brian Raffi
11 JunDJ Lebowitz, Flipper, Mr. T Experience
18 JunThe Dwarves, Caroliner, Webwear, Ted Cousens
01 JulShiva Dancing, Adam Fisher
03 JulBeatnik Beatch, Brian Raffi
04 JulBeatnik Beatch, Brian Raffi
08 JulMiss Kitty and the Psycho Souls, Adam Fisher
10 JulComic Book Opera, Brian Raffi
11 JulComic Book Opera, Ted Cousens
15 JulTerra Incognita, B. Bossi, N. Salant, Adam Fisher
17 JulComic Book Opera, Brian Raffi
18 JulComic Book Opera, Ted Cousens
22 JulBlacklight Chameleons, Adam Fisher
24 JulBoys In Black, Brian Raffi
25 JulBoys In Black, Ted Cousens
29 JulSea Hags, Adam Fisher
31 JulThe Memphis G-Spots, Brian Raffi
01 AugThe Memphis G-Spots, Ted Cousens
20 AugBond Bergland, Ruby Ray (Saqqara Dogs)
30 AugMrs. Green
04 SepThe Sneetches
10 SepCarol Doda and Her Lucky Stiffs, Greg Kihn
24 SepDeborah Iyall, Lower East, Venus, Zendiks
01 OctLive Skull
08 OctHair
31 OctDead Marilyn
20 DecHenry Rollins, Lydia Lunch, Hubert Selby, Jr.
23 DecChristmas Bash & Interpretive Santa Look-Alike Contest

01 JanTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
02 JanTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
08 JanTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
09 JanTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
15 JanTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
16 JanTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
22 JanTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
23 JanTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
29 JanTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
30 JanTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
05 FebTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
06 FebTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
12 FebTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
13 FebTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
18 FebKUSF Benefit: Kevin Hunter, Leslie Medford, The Catheads, Blue Movie, The Furies, The McGuires, Denim TV, M1 Alternative
19 FebTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
20 FebTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
26 FebTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
27 FebTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
06 MarMissile Harmony, Sister Double Happiness
07 MarNo More Blue Mondays: Doc Martin (every Monday)
08 MarEclectic Alternative Sounds: Adam Fisher (every Tuesday)
09 MarFunk & Soul: Adam Fisher, Doc Martin (every Wednesday)
10 MarNon-Stop Electric Cabaret: Ted Cousens (every Thursday)
11 MarDirty Dancing: Brian Raffi (every Friday)
12 MarMore Dancing: Ted Cousens (every Saturday)
13 MarMystery Train, Kathy Peck
20 MarFreeze & The New Zydeco Experience
27 MarThe McGuires, The Birdkillers
05 AprSpyral Tap: Horsey, Scrub, Screw Party
08 AprTrance Mission, ¡Tchkung!
15 AprAngel, Slide 5
19 AprIndian Bingo, Flophouse, Ida
22 AprDick Bright's SRO
01 MayPrimus, Eskimo, Sordid Humor, Carnival Law, Mud Puppies
08 MayConsolidated, Boorman 6
29 MayCream of Beat
03 JunWhiplash (every Friday)
05 JunThe Naked Into, Noonday Underground
19 JunMark Burgess and the Sons of God
22 JunI Mother Earth, Middleman
28 JunFive Eight, Bracket
01 JulTeena Marie
12 JulEnvelope
23 JulTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
14 AugAswin Batish
15 AugAswin Batish
17 AugBlowfly, The Fro Bothers
21 AugTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra, Beatnik Beatch
27 AugChuck Z, The Incubus Burial, Voice Farm, Fake Stone Age, Longshoremen
28 AugCrime, Psycotic Pineapple, Bambi & Gere, Dirk Dirksen
11 SepSordid Humor
18 SepHarm Farm, Muskrats, Hellhounds
20 SepBad Manners, MCM and the Monster, Donkey Show
02 OctBeat is Back, Swamp Zombies, Longshoremen, Bana Witt
07 OctThe Memphis G-Spots
08 OctThe Memphis G-Spots
13 OctThe Nuns
16 OctPenelope Houston
22 OctBeatnik Beatch
30 OctM1 Alternative, Crime, The Nymphs
03 NovFront 242 Video Party
04 NovThe Memphis G-Spots
05 NovThe Memphis G-Spots
06 NovBedtime for Ronzo: Paddy Morrissey, Dakota Son, Electric Bonzo Band, Ira Rosenfeld
11 NovVulgar and the Woodcutters
12 NovVulgar and the Woodcutters
13 NovThe 77s, Mystery Train
18 NovThe Ultras
19 NovThe Ultras
20 NovLegal Reins, The Birdkillers, X-Tal
22 NovThird Anniversary Party: Timmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra, Beatnik Beatch, Jerry Schefler, Connie Champagne
25 NovThe Ultras
26 NovThe Ultras
27 NovThe Limbomaniacs
02 DecThe Watchmen, Kats & Kitten
09 DecThe Watchmen, Kats & Kitten
16 DecThe Watchmen, Kats & Kitten
21 DecHot House: Blackstone, Brian Raffi
23 DecThe Watchmen, Kats & Kitten
30 DecThe Watchmen

05 FebHundredth Monkey, Dolly Dagger
08 JanKommunity FK, Red Temple Spirits
14 FebTenderloin, The Hellbillys, The Turf Club, Damon, Wolf, Brian Raffi
16 FebLegal Reins, Sarah McLachlan
17 FebLee Shupp, Blue Light Revue, Looker There
19 FebJerry Schefler
23 FebA Flock of Seagulls
24 FebLee Shupp, Blue Light Revue
25 FebLee Shupp, Blue Light Revue
03 MarLee Shupp, Blue Light Revue
04 MarLee Shupp, Blue Light Revue
10 MarLee Shupp, Blue Light Revue
11 MarLee Shupp, Blue Light Revue
12 MarSkate Rock: MCM and the Monster, House of Wheels, Skatemaster Tate, Screaming Lord Salba
19 MarChild Support, Shake Minstrels
01 AprThe Mutants, The Avengers
03 MayTim Finn
07 MayBurnt, Dope, Stone Fox
21 MaySlovenly, World Entertainment War, A Subtle Plague
04 JunThe Sneetches, Milo Binder, Doug Orton, Louise in Paris
11 JunG.I. Jesus, Serpent I.D.
17 JunToo Much Joy
11 JulThe Ultras
23 JulMary My Hope, Museum
25 JulChristmas In July: The Sunny Boys
12 AugHoodoo Gurus
26 NovCycle Soul Blues
01 DecFuzz Factor
02 DecFuzz Factor
08 DecFuzz Factor
09 DecFuzz Factor
15 DecRock of Edges: Rhodessa Jones, Idris Ackamoor, Art Love, Peter Fuji, Ramon Lazo, Deszon Clairborne
16 DecRock of Edges: Rhodessa Jones, Idris Ackamoor, Art Love, Peter Fuji, Ramon Lazo, Deszon Clairborne
22 DecPennsylvania Mahoney and the Safe Sextet
23 DecGere & Guest
27 DecAmadafair
29 DecCampfire Girls
30 DecSnakes From Venus
31 DecNew Year's Eve: Timmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
?? ???Diatribe

25 JanSluts a Go Go All Star Gang Bang: Phillip R. Ford, Wayne Doba, Gere Genellie, Mr. Lucky, Carmela Carlyle, Ruby + Lotty
26 JanPussycat Theatre
27 JanPussycat Theatre
05 Feb2000 Au Go Go: Brian Raffi (Mondays)
07 FebAPG Crew, DJ Blackstone
14 FebValentine's Day Slumber Party: DJ Blackstone
15 FebPsychefunkapus, Heretix
16 FebToad The Wet Sprocket
17 FebTrip Shakespeare, Pussycat Theatre
21 FebImp, DJ Blackstone
28 FebWild Boyz, DJ Blackstone
?? MarThe Nuns
01 MarRocks Out Tuesdays: Brian Raffi, Kelly Spencer
03 MarEdan Everly, Bill Spooner, Chuck Prophet, Stephanie Finch
06 MarHer Majestie's Satanic Requests (every Tuesday)
10 MarPops Out Tuesdays: Brian Raffi, Mike the Knife
11 MarFlips Out Tuesdays: Brian Raffi
13 MayNo Alternative, Lifeline
17 MayJohn Zorn, Elliot Sharp, Curlew, Jazz Passengers, Slan
03 JunThe Roughnecks, The Bar Donkeys, The Zip Guns, Tracy Dick
04 JunThe Samples
05 JunBug, Lifeline, DJ Kelly Spencer
06 JunRock of Edges, DJ Blackstone
22 JunLene Lovich, Tanz Waffen
25 JunThe Wedding Present
28 JunThis Is Our Daughter, Mystery Theatre
05 JulThe Molecules, Pluto, Splatter Trio, Rubber City
07 Jul2 Live Crew
19 JulCharlie Chaplin, Peter Broggs, The Roots Radics Band
24 JulTransister Sister, Backseat Betty Fashion Show
31 JulPlan B
02 AugBoiled in Lead
03 AugPussycat Theatre, Lava Magnates
05 AugConnie Champagne
06 AugConnie Champagne
10 AugJellyfish
11 AugWild at Heart: Mike the Knife
12 AugConnie Champagne
13 AugConnie Champagne
16 AugSmut Fest: The Popstitutes, Danielle Hell, Sheena Savage, Hank Hyena, The Cult of Cunt, Lily Braindrop, Kathleen Wood, Baron Von Blumenzak, Phillip R. Ford, Sperry, Omewenne, The Campfire Girls, Jennifer Blowdryer
19 AugConnie Champagne
20 AugConnie Champagne
23 AugStinky & Pals, Jill Olson, Dee Lannon
26 AugConnie Champagne
27 AugConnie Champagne
16 SepSharkbait, Grotus, Iao Core
19 SepConsolidated, MC 900 Ft. Jesus
21 SepJesus Jones
02 OctRed Temple Spirits
04 OctDie Warzau
08 OctWendy & Lisa
11 OctCybersex: Iao Core, Danielle Hell, Bambi and The Exterminating Angel, Aggrotech Magazine, Cyberotic Love Act, Jon Longhi, Vegas in Space, Phillip R. Ford
14 OctThe Reverend Horton Heat, The Hellbillys
18 OctFoetus Inc.
30 OctMr. T Experience, The Ramonas
15 NovAlien Sex Fiend
20 NovD.O.A., Jello Biafra
29 NovFungo Mungo, Scrapyard, Tammy Whynot, Clara Bellins and the Flying Monkeys
02 DecPFS
04 DecTransister Sister, Wonderwall
13 DecPK Dick, Caroliner, Fred Rinne, Mark McCloud, Rigo
23 DecBringdownz, Easy Goings, Steeple Snakes
27 DecMonks of Doom, This Is Our Daughter
28 DecTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra, Paul Robinson Big Band, Dee Dee Russell
?? ???Jesse Helms' Nasty Ass Nieces: Dee Dee Russell

16 FebDef American Night: The Four Horsemen
17 FebMovie Stars
20 FebSonny Sharrock, Chunk, Third Person
06 MarHumor Me: Robert Berry, Paul Alexander, Charles Fansela
13 MarHumor Me: Tom Ammiano, Ed Marquez
19 MarSpin Doctors
20 MarHumor Me: Josh Kornbluth, Paddy Morrissey
21 MarEMF
27 MarHumor Me: Bob Jacobsen, David Feldman
28 MarGina's Glamour Gala: Dick Bright At Night
29 MarPhish, Tweezer
30 MarPenelope Houston, The Longshoremen, The Familiars, Claude Palmer, David West, Valerie Stadler
05 AprConnie Champagne, Death Angel, Deli Creeps, The Organization, Penelope Houston, Pluto, Psychefunkapus, The Ramonas, Shot of Soul
06 AprBAMmies
13 AprChris Grayson memorial: D.H. Peligrino, Al Sharpton's Hair, Klaus Flouride, Year Plan, East Bay Ray, Scrapyard, Jello Biafra, Rant + Ramble, T.S.O.L., Flipper, The Witnesses, Titus Bros, Cyril Jordan, Roy Loney
14 AprNot My Daughter, Pia Hagan, Cara Crash
09 MaySmut Fest: Veronica Vera, Jennifer Blowdryer, Juan the Snake Dancer
11 MaySmoking Section
09 JunRetro-Future Avant-Pop: Andy Trice
21 JunErotica: Carol Queen, Juan the Snake Dancer, David Steinberg, Pat Califa, Mark Pritchard, Taste of Latex Magazine, Dominique, J. C. Collins, Fuzz Factor, Lars Mars, Durand Begault
27 JunSpit, Batz Without Flesh
29 JunThe Sneetches
11 JulJulian Cope
01 AugLegendary Pink Dots, Big City Orchestra
29 AugPrimus, Bob Cock & the Yellow Sock
30 AugThe Memphis G-Spots
05 SepA Golden Shower of Stars: The Campfire Girls, The Qube Chicks, Pamela Z, Angel Corpus Christi, Mel "Love Junkie" Thompson, Sid Swing, Barbara Liu
12 SepCaterwaul
19 SepConsolidated, MC 900 Ft. Jesus
26 SepNight of the Reptile: Dioxide, Used Rubber USA, Stormy Leather, Backseat Betty, Lovetex, Leathers by Heidi, Hats by Damon, Malia, Steven Parr
29 SepAid de Camp: The Memphis G-Spots, Connie Champagne, Absolut Manpussy, Cliff Hengst
08 OctOrchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
23 OctRaw Fusion
27 OctFatima Mansions
02 NovD'Cuckoo
30 NovFoetus Inc.
01 DecCaspar Brotzmann
06 DecThe Great Indoors: Nature's Wonderland, J.C. Garrett
29 DecGrave: Ever Brad, Jenö, Raphaeo, Archie Bell, Armin
?? ???Suburbia Violence
?? ???The Bleeding Stone
31 DecNew Years Eve Murder

24 JanBoiled in Lead
04 FebSpongemummies, Reckonball
14 FebSwervedriver, Poster Children
23 FebLive Skin: Lydia Lunch, Fakir Musafar, Fat Chance Belly Dance
25 FebBob Cock & the Yellow Sock
23 MarThe Fleshtones, The Mermen
26 MarMudwimmin, Lucy Stoners, Malibu Barbi, Mrs. Jones
27 MarRight Said Fred
28 MarThe Pleshettes, Pussy Tourette, Justin Bond, Elvis Herselvis, Rodney O'Neal Austin, Cliff Hengst
31 MarSwitchblade Symphony
25 AprThe Swans, Machines of Loving Grace
14 MayRedd Kross, Buck Naked and the Bare Bottom Boys, Carmato De Forest
22 MayDel Rubio Triplets
07 JunHouse of Pain
09 JunAlien Sex Fiend
17 JunStein, FM Einheit, Yref
19 JunCaspar Brotzmann, Malaria
20 JunBoom-Operators, Taegk
26 JunD'Cuckoo
02 JulCounting Crows
08 AugSwell
12 AugArrested Development, Me Phi Me
29 AugGrotus
19 SepDive, Stereotaxic Device
20 SepBirdsongs of the Mesozoic
25 SepD'Cuckoo
16 OctUndercover S.K.A., The Mermen, John Blakely, Hungry For More
29 OctThe Ultras, Trashwomen
?? OctEnrique
14 NovBlackwash
27 NovThe Memphis G-Spots
28 NovThe Memphis G-Spots
?? NovFlipper
24 DecSharkbait
?? ???Jesus Christ Superstar
?? ???Child Support
?? ???Trashwomen

12 FebShonen Knife, Jellyfish
18 MarErotica: Acid Housewife, Carol Queen, Dominique Lowell, Barbara Liu, Fat Chance Belly Dance
26 MarSheep On Drugs
30 MarBrand X
22 AprDominique Lowell, Torture Chorus, Sharkbait
07 MayInvisibl Skratch Piklz, Alkaholiks, Ultramagnetic MCs, Kool Keith, Total Devastation
03 JunJazzmatazz
22 JunRaw Power: Matt, Damon
29 JunRaw Power: Matt, Damon
02 JulThe Loud Family
03 JulNew Model Army
13 JulJohn Zorn, Cobra
28 JulSuper Diamond
13 AugSyndicate of Sound, Powder, Michael Wilhelm
28 AugRenegade Rockers, Knuckle Neck Tribe, Apollo, D'Jam Hassan, Disk, QBert, Jazzy Jim, Brand X, Ajax, 8-Ball
20 SepSonic Boom
22 SepElliot Sharp, Vacuum Tree Head
30 SepMidnight Oil
21 OctHaight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic Benefit: Mermen, Last 2 Serve, Horsey, Mr. Clean, Snake Woman, Pie Man
01 DecCaspar Brotzmann, Koks Ofen, Hitting Birth Family Circus, The Clarke Nova
11 DecBest Kissers In The World
?? ???Cypress Hill

21 JanVeronica Klaus, Chesty Baker
08 FebGhost Like Sun, Souldozer
19 FebCourse of Empire, Machines of Loving Grace, Chainsaw Kittens, Stabbing Westward
20 FebInvisibl Skratch Piklz
22 FebSpokepoker
25 FebSweaty Nipples
09 MarStone Fox, The Kitty Ensemble
17 MarTempest, Zamboni
19 MayThe Rosemarys, Her Majesty The Baby, Clouds, JFKFC
27 MayPhish
06 JunDeath Guild, Souldozer
18 JunEnrique, Pussy Tourette
19 JunMark Burgess and the Sons of God
22 JunI Mother Earth, Middleman
28 JunFive Eight, Bracket
01 JulTeena Marie
12 JulEnvelope
29 JulThe Twinkle Brothers, Della Grant and The Pacesetters
31 JulThe Groove Collective: Gerry V, Stu, Miquel
02 AugThe Nukes, Bimbo Toolshed
05 AugAlley Boys, Pearl Harbor
07 AugGravediggaz
12 AugAbba Gold, Bjorn Baby Bjorn
13 AugGangstarr, Jeru
15 AugMachines of Loving Grace, Surgery, Blood of Abraham
16 AugMutha's Day Out, Sugartooth, Godspeed
09 SepBonecrusher, Blackboard Jungle
21 SepCounting Crows
14 OctAzelia Snail, Ovarian Trolley, Panda
28 OctMiranda Sex Garden, Sky Cries Mary
30 OctThe Dambuilders, Silkworm
?? OctEnrique
11 NovAlphabet Soup, Jungle Biskit, Dog Slyde
15 NovFlower SF, Bimbo Toolshed
18 NovFastbacks, Pop Defect, Zimpano/Zumpano
02 DecTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
03 DecTimmie Hesla and the Converse All-Star Orchestra
04 DecMCM and the Monster, The BBQ Killers
08 DecFishbone Video Party
09 DecThee Hellhounds
10 DecThee Hellhounds
11 DecThe Circle Jerks, Bob Forrest, Mike Martt
13 DecGeraldine Fibbers, Tarnation
14 DecMeices, Heavy Into Jeff
15 DecThe Itals, Sister I-Live, Fenton and The Reggae Angels, Bobby Culture, Tito Caleto, Danny Spencer
16 DecThee Hellhounds
17 DecThee Hellhounds
18 DecThe Nuns, Shiva Burlesque
23 DecThee Hellhounds
24 DecThee Hellhounds
31 DecNew Years Eve 18 Hour Blowout

10 JanNeurotic Boy Outsiders
12 JanUrban Blues Experiment, Mick Taylor
14 JanGrotus
16 JanThird Eye Blind, Pomegranate, Tucker
20 JanCherry Poppin' Daddies, Bogmen, Blackstone
21 JanThe Angel
22 JanAlice Donut
24 JanTwo Lane Black Top, Souldozer, The Sun, Olivia Barash
25 JanPresident's Breakfast, Dred Scott's X-Factor, Charlie Hunter, Scott Amendola
01 FebChemikill
24 FebPele Juju, Box Set
28 FebSkatenigs, Chemikill, Pornstar
02 MarLittle Jimmy Dickens, Pulsing the Norton
05 MarSweaty Nipples, Oats, Fine To Drive
07 MarCongo Norvell, Timco
12 MarEngine Kid, Caspar Brotzmann
19 MarPegboy, Red 5, Bimbo Toolshed
21 MarBarnstompers, Souldozer
22 MarParis, Da Lench Mob
25 MarSupergrass, J Church
26 MarGrotus, Season To Risk, Buzzkill, Laughing Hyenas
03 AprLow Pop Suicide, Compuslion, Latimer
04 AprSkatenigs, Foreskin 500
08 AprTraci Lords
15 AprSuper Diamond
23 AprSeemen
30 AprCharlie Chaplin, Masawa
03 MayNina Hagen
06 MaySweaty Nipples, Ape Hanger
08 MayDenison Kimball Trio (Jesus Lizard), Timco
18 MayThe Alley Boys, Souldozer, Jeffrey Halford
19 MayCop Shoot Cop, Unsane, Ed Hall, Sarahspoden
20 MayPriscilla Queen of the Desert sing-along
31 MayThe Roots, The Nonce
02 JunSuper Diamond
10 JunBilly Goat, Gwen Mars
12 JunBrother
15 JunGoober and The Peas
17 JunSpike 1000
23 JunGrooveline (every Friday, 1995-1999)
24 JunBoxing Gandhis
25 JunGrotus
01 JulBoiled in Lead
04 JulLedisi, Liberty Congo Square, Pothole Jungle Biskit, Los Angelitos
05 JulLee Hazlewood
16 JulThe Tater Tots, Redd Kross, Leif Garrett
17 JulSolesides Crew, Key Kool & Rhettmatic, Homeliss Derilex, Soul Kitchen, 10 Bass T, Jurassic 5, Mystik Journeymen
18 JulFriends of Dean Martinez
22 JulBig Brother Soul
25 JulGrotus
29 JulCherry Poppin' Daddies
01 AugM.I.R.V., Bimbo Toolshed, Syrup
08 AugRelease, Cradle of Thorns
11 AugContractions, Tammy Whynot, The Bushwackers, Raging Adolescent Girls, The Bra Show
22 AugBilly Goat, Stiff Richards
28 AugNumb, Waiting For God, Slave Unit
03 SepGrease Ball: The Paladins, Flathead, Dead Bolt, The Derailers, Whistle Bait, The Forbidden Pigs, Johnny Legend, Blue Bell Wranglers, Russell Scott and His Red Hots, The Pinsetters, Sloe Gin Joes, Haunted Hayride
08 SepInka Inka
13 SepMo'Fessionals, Hueman Flavor, Jungle Biskit
15 SepMachines of Loving Grace
19 SepMindzone, Bonecrusher, Surf Jazz
24 SepFlower SF, Robbie D., Gregory O'Neil (Folsom St. Fair)
05 OctThe Wankin' Teens
08 OctThe Untouchables, Let's Go Bowling
09 OctKnowJazz
10 OctNeurosis, Bakamono, Dead and Gone
17 OctEngorged With Blood, Granite City, Push
19 OctPure Texas Band
22 OctWebs
24 Oct16 Volt, Clay People, Killing Floor
31 OctEl Vez, Stone Fox, Oats
03 NovBoiled in Lead
12 NovWebs
18 NovStabbing Westward, Slave Unit
19 NovLegendary Pink Dots
28 NovStanford Prison Experiment
29 NovZero
01 DecFuzz Factor
02 DecFuzz Factor
03 DecWebs
05 DecBoiled in Lead
08 DecFuzz Factor
09 DecFuzz Factor
19 DecMCM and the Monster, Bimbo Toolshed
21 DecThe American Rumble showcase
22 DecPennsylvania Mahoney and the Safe Sextet
23 DecGere & Guest
26 DecRozz & Gitane, Switchblade Symphony
29 DecCampfire Girls
30 DecSnakes From Venus
?? DecCounting Crows
?? ???The Roots, Rahzel

10 JanNeurotic Boy Outsiders, Hog, Dads Porno Mag
14 JanGrotus
16 JanLydia Lunch, Exene Cervenka
26 JanThe Village People, Grooveline
27 JanMixman
30 JanOats, Spit-A-Kiss, Ain't
01 FebThe Paladins, The Bachelors, Chrome Addicts
05 FebNeurotic Boy Outsiders
26 FebDeftones
03 MarThe Untouchables, Buck-O-Nine
05 MarTony Balbinot
12 MarMustard Plug, The Mutilators
13 MarJello Biafra, Billy Jam, Dunifer, Conscious Daughters, The Coup, West Coast Rock Steady DJs, Oppressed Logic, The Crack Emcee, A Skari-X
21 AprSecond Coming
30 AprDead Bolt
?? AprThe Naughty Ones
08 MayDrag City: Minnie Pearl Necklace, The Fishstix, Connie Champagne, Midori
10 MayBoiled in Lead, Tempest
12 MayGravity Kills, Love In Reverse, 187 Calm
14 MayMike Watt, Birtram Turetzky
19 MayActionslacks, Miscellaneous M, Decal
26 MaySlick
27 MayStone Fox
30 MayDead Bolt
04 JunMentallo and the Fixer, Slave Unit
12 JunAcumen, Killing Floor
03 JulRed Jazz & Blue II: Anibade, Ledisi, Hueman Flavor, Josh Jones, Sheherezade Stone, Butterflow, Manifest Yesterday, Lance Freeman
14 JulRun DMC
24 JulBig Six, The Barnshakers, The Dave & Deke Combo, Undercover S.K.A.
25 JulThe Big 6, The Dave & Deke Combo, The Barnshakers
30 JulDownload, Twilight Circus
07 AugIce-T, Delinquent Habits, Roger Reed
15 AugThe Wankin' Teens, 1957 Blue Caps
27 AugLost Highway
28 AugNas, WhoRidas, Saafir
11 SepAllen Ginsberg, Diane di Prima
12 SepReverend Horton Heat, Ronnie Dawson, Sleepy LaBeef
18 SepBlack Uhuru
03 OctCyber Fashion Show
13 OctGreaseball '96: Sonny Burgess, The Derailers, Memphis 54, Russell Scott and His Red Hots, The Frantic Flattops, The Polecats, The Sloe Gin Joes, The Hooligans, The Guanabats
31 OctSheep On Drugs, Test Department
12 NovSoul Divine
20 NovBelmont Playboys

18 MarWalrus, Wicked Leadbelly, Tribal Disco Noise
25 MarDreamstation
01 AprThe Adz, Loudmouths, Jack Kill Jill
10 AprThe Blazers, Lloyd Trip and Three Tons of Fun, The Smokejumpers
15 AprGene Loves Jezebel, Tainted Love, Orchard
27 AprJumbo Shrimp, Saturn V, Gas House Gorillas, Segue, Freeload
30 Apr7 Year Bitch, Stone Fox, Lost Goat, Downtown Donna, Kat
28 MayEddie Def, Peanut Butter Wolf
07 JunThe M80s (every Saturday, 1997-1999, possibly earlier)
11 JunFoundation
09 JulStone Love Movement
11 JulSwinging with Spencer (every Saturday in the lounge, 1997-1999, possibly earlier)
22 JulThe Faggz, Infested, Freddy The Lip
29 JulThe Vectors, The Crosstops, Hammerlock
05 AugOld Grandad, Monster Truck Driver, Captured By Robots
19 AugGood Ol' Boys, The Idiots, Empire of Shit
20 AugTeam Dresch, Rattle Cake, Ovarian Trolley
09 SepAmerican Heartbreak, Count Dante's Black Dragon Fighting Society, Gnads
10 SepPower Exchange
21 SepIndependent Dancers Alliance benefit
23 SepEldopa, Portrait of Proverty, Spaceboy
28 SepFolsom St. Fair
29 OctSlick
05 NovSatanic Fetish Church: Rev. Steven Johnson Leyba, David Aaron Clark
09 NovDragStrip

07 JanJesus Christ Superstar
14 JanJesus Christ Superstar
17 JanJesus Christ Superstar
21 JanJesus Christ Superstar
25 JanSwing Out for Sisters Cocktail Nation, Steve Lucky and the Rhumba Bums, Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers
27 JanBaby Snufkin, Ibopa
28 JanJesus Christ Superstar
14 FebChicken John Burlesque Show
10 MayBlue Period, Elvis Herselvis, Drip Joy
28 MaySlackmob, Filibuster
30 MayPsychotica
21 AugCosmo Fraser
16 SepBound
01 OctCrash Worship, Jaded Rain, DJ Professor Smith, A.W.D.
13 OctMetallic Pus, Healty Morbidity
16 OctBound
18 OctSixxteen: DJ Omar, Jenny
19 NovPlan 9, The Crosstops, Green Means Go
25 NovBound: Leather Cadavers
03 DecJesus Christ Superstar
09 DecBound
10 DecJesus Christ Superstar
16 DecBattery
17 DecJesus Christ Superstar

14 JanJesus Christ Superstar
21 JanJesus Christ Superstar
28 JanJesus Christ Superstar
09 MayDrag Kings contest
17 JunDekonstrukt: Noisex, Lucretia
27 JunThe Little Deaths, Lisa Dewey, Psychedelic Wedding, Clone, Princess Special, Elyssa, Cari Campbell, Downtown Donna
04 JulDekonstrukt: Savak
04 AugThe Slow Poisoners
19 AugDekonstrukt: Tenebrae, Goblyn Cemetary, Form_Virus, Lucretia
22 AugDekonstrukt
24 AugMelt Banana, Phoenix Thunderstone
29 AugOld Grandad, Pig Iron, The Idiots, Strychnine, Matterhorn, The Devil-Ettes, Drunk Horse, The Oozzies, Impulse Items
03 SepCasino Royale
05 SepDekonstrukt: FAV, Savak, Sult Villonaud, Lucretia, RMA, Sarin
17 SepCasino Royale
19 SepDekonstrukt: VX Gas Attack, Sarin, Lucretia, Dev Null0
23 SepTommy the Musical
01 OctCasino Royale
03 OctDekonstrukt: Urceus Exit, Landscape Body Machine, DJ Pandemonium, Form_Virus, Lucretia, RMA
15 OctCasino Royale
17 OctDekonstrukt: Sarin, Lucretia, RMA, Form_Virus
28 OctDekonstrukt: VNV Nation, Gridlock
29 OctCasino Royale
30 OctEric McFadden Experience, Rosin Coven, Sunfur, Maiden America, Azigza
31 OctHalloween
07 NovDekonstrukt: Da5id Din, Sarin, Lucretia, RMA, Form_Virus
21 NovDekonstrukt: Sarin, Lucretia, RMA, Form_Virus
02 DecDekonstrukt: Inertia, In Strict Confidence, Pulse Legion, Sarin, Lucretia, RMA, Form_Virus
03 DecSmashing 1980s
10 DecDouble Funk Crunch
11 DecJoaquina, Wilson Gil and The Wilful Sinners, Gun & Doll Show, !Tang, Applesaucer, Aquamen, Kirby Grips, Amateur Night, The Devil-Ettes
19 DecDekonstrukt: Sarin, Lucretia, RMA, Form_Virus

16 JanDekonstrukt: Fernando, Sarin, Lucretia, RMA, Form_Virus
06 FebDekonstrukt: Sarin, Lucretia, RMA, Form_Virus
20 FebDekonstrukt: Sarin, Lucretia, RMA, Form_Virus
09 MarDekonstrukt: Imminent Starvation, Synapscape, Savak, Not Breathing

24 AprThrill Kill Kult, Yes No Maybe
25 AprAmadafair
26 AprMonkey Rhythm
06 MayDowney Mildew, Tall Tales True
15 MayAditpop, Spot 1019