DNA Lounge: A Hacker Friendly Event Space

DNA Lounge is an all ages event space, live music venue, dance club and bar that has been owned and operated since 1999 by open source pioneer Jamie Zawinski. Zawinski was one of the founders of Netscape, where he implemented the earliest Unix versions of Netscape Navigator, then Netscape Mail, and later was one of the architects of mozilla.org as they shepherded Netscape's release of the browser as open source.

The impetus for opening DNA Lounge, back in 1999, was not only to build a friendly, inclusive space for a wide variety of art and entertainment, but also to push back against the wave of gentrification taking over San Francisco. The financial pressures brought by the exploding Bay Area tech industry threatened (and still threatens!) to turn San Francisco into a mere bedroom community of Mountain View. DNA Lounge is an attempt to counter that, to keep the underground spirit of San Francisco alive by providing a home for the artists and weirdos.

Because of his heavy involvement in the free software community since the mid-80s, the free software and open source principles -- the idea that sharing information is better than hoarding it, that openness makes the world better for everybody -- have carried over into how DNA Lounge is run.

Behind the Scenes

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