DNA Lounge has been one of San Francisco's most popular venues for over thirty-five years, hosting a wide variety of live shows, dance nights and private reservations.

Our spacious main room connects to several smaller rooms which can be rented together or separately. DNA Lounge's versatile space and friendly staff will work to accommodate anything that your event needs.

Rent the coolest venue in SF

Most recently declared both "Best Dance Club" and "Best Live Music Venue" in the SF Weekly Readers' Poll, DNA Lounge has won over 60 "best of" awards from local publications like The Guardian, SF Weekly and 7x7 Magazine, and has been voted "Best Dance Club" every year since 2008.

We offer a stylish, industrial interior that you can light and decorate however you choose. We'll help you move anything around that's not bolted down: the DNA events team is here to make your vision a reality.

At DNA Lounge, we have experience ranging from small, intimate gatherings to large-scale productions, product launches, tech panels, video shoots, fashion shows, art shows, indie wrestling matches, film screenings, corporate celebrations and sit-down dinners.

Event Services

Our full-service, professional event staff is ready to bring your event to life. Enjoy:

The DNA Lounge compound consists of five rooms, two stages, four dance floors with independent sound systems, seven full bars, plus our attached full-service pizza restaurant and cafe. We offer four unique event spaces that can be reserved together or separately:

  • Full main bar
  • Main stage (18' × 15', 51" high)
  • Open balcony
  • Booths on 1st and 2nd floors
  • Dimensions: 50' × 60'
  • Capacity: 800 standing

The club's main room is an open, two story, 3,000 square foot event hall with a stage at one end and a full bar at the other.

The main room provides ample room for mingling and dancing. It can also be filled with seating and tables for presentations and dinners. Circling the room is an open second-story balcony that provides a view of the stage and main floor from above. Plush booths and a second bar on the upper floor create exclusive breakout areas or celebratory hangouts.

Because the main room is a large and highly-customizable space, it is a fantastic option for a range of dynamic events from small conventions, to corporate parties, to sit down dinners.

  • Full bar
  • Dance floor
  • Dimensions: 30' × 40'
  • Capacity: 300 standing

Tucked behind the stage on the second floor is an intimate 1,200 square foot lounge. Comfortable benches hug the walls surrounding a 600 square floor dance floor and adjacent full bar. Additional tables are optional.

The Lounge can't be rented separately, but is a great addition to a Main Room event. It is an ideal choice for cocktails and mingling, making it good for company celebrations. Sound doesn't travel between the Main Room and Lounge, so you can separate music or presentations easily in these spaces for more variety.

  • Full bar
  • Projection screen
  • Dance floor
  • Dimensions: 25' × 50'
  • Stage: 12' × 10'
  • Capacity: 300 standing;
    72 seated

Above DNA is another performance space located on the second floor. It has its own entrance from the street as well as a connecting door to the main room. It can function as its own 300-capacity venue, or as an extension of the festivities in the main room.

Above DNA's front room is 1,200 square feet with a live sound system and a full bar. This is a great space for medium-sized parties and indie events.

During the day, the large front windows make this space very bright and airy.

  • Dimensions: 30' × 20'
  • Capacity: 80 standing

Connected to Above DNA is a cozy back room called the Dazzle Room after its dazzling paint job. This funky 600 square foot space has its own full bar, DJ sound system and a great vibe. The Dazzle Room can't be rented separately, but can be reserved along with Above DNA to add about 50% more space and a second activity area.

The Dazzle Room is great for mingling and dancing. It offers an intimate setting for smaller parties that are worried about renting too large a space.

To get you an accurate quote, we need to know the following:

Our rates vary depending on your needs for staffing and other support, but our base rental rates are:

Email us at booking@dnalounge.com to reach our events team. Contact us today!

Tech specs

Our in-house sound system consists of primarily EAW speakers driven by a BSS Sound Web London and a Midas M32 mixing console. Details can be found on the sound system specifications page.

Lighting is provided by a number of High End fixtures, LED Pars, and a ChamSys MagicQ Maxi Wing console. Details are on the lighting specifications page.

Free wifi is available throughout the club and restaurant. It's fast, and high capacity.

The images to the right should give you a decent idea of the layout of the building. More specific measurements can be found on our stage plot.

And here are a few more photos!