Icecast Stream Tester

by Jamie Zawinski

This directory contains an application for testing the behavior of various streaming-network-audio players. It creates a test MP3 stream that produces metadata in various ways, to let you see which variations work with which players.

Questions to ask for each variant and media player:

Test cases:

  1. Default Everything:

    • Accept-Ranges: yes
    • Content-Length: yes
    • Send ICY headers: yes
    • Send ID3v2 TIT2 tag: no
    • Send inline Icecast-style metadata: if requested by client.
    • Burst at startup: 5 seconds.
  2. Default Everything dot MP3:

    • Same as Test 1, except the URL has an ".mp3" extension.
  3. Force Content-Length on.

  4. Force Content-Length on, MP3.

  5. Force Content-Length off.

  6. Force Content-Length off, MP3.

  7. Force Icecast Metadata on.

  8. Force Icecast Metadata on, MP3.

  9. Force Icecast Metadata off.

  10. Force Icecast Metadata off, MP3.

  11. Set options manually:

    Use MP3 file extension:
    Send ICY Headers:
    Send ID3v2 TIT2 Tag:
    Burst at startup:

    Click here, or copy and paste this URL into your media player.

Source code: streamtest.cgi.

See also this blog post.