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21 May 2019 New Noise: Show Review: Death Angel, Striker, Dress the Dead and Phantom Witch
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11 Dec 2018 KQED Arts: In 2018, Corporate Monotony Seized San Francisco Music Venues
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22 Feb 2018 KQED Arts: Doin' the DAM Thing in the Bay Area (DAMSF)
22 Feb 2018 Hoodline: Composer Brings 'The Color Of Sound' To DNA Lounge (Mercury Soul)
08 Feb 2018 SF Weekly: Anti-LGBT Music Monopoly Moves Closer to Home: Slim's and the Great American Music Hall have partnered with a new corporate mega-promoter.
27 Dec 2017 SF Chronicle: Timing has to be right for DJs on New Year's Eve
21 Dec 2017 SF Station: Two Wins for DNA Lounge: Upgraded Sound System & Legacy Business Status
16 Dec 2017 Girlbandgeek: Skating Polly, Starcrawler review
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25 May 2017 The Bay Bridged: Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel Review
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06 Dec 2015 Examiner: The Black Dahlia Murder brings the Death Metal to San Francisco
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28 Oct 2015 SF Weekly: 12 Years and Counting: Bootie's A Plus D on Mash-Ups, Mishaps, and San Francisco's Best Party
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30 May 2015 jWeekly: Israeli self-defense finds fans in San Francisco (Krav Maga Seminar)
15 May 2015 Philm Review
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4 Nov 2013 SF Weekly: Vaya con Dios: Point Break Live Reviewed
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13 Dec 2011 Pitchfork: Alan Braxe Kicked Out of His Own DJ Set For Peeing Onstage (via FACT Magazine)
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25 Aug 2011 Amoeblog: Now Entering Ninth Year of Their Successful Mashup Party, Bootie SF's Tireless Duo of A+D Show No Signs Of Slowing Down
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15 Jun 2011 Miami Horror review
15 Jun 2011 Heklina and LeMay Dish on Drag, Sex, and 20 Years of Oral History
02 Jun 2011 Bay Guardian: Roccopura is back and wild as ever
27 Apr 2011 Bay Area Reporter: The War on Fun: The ABCs of Hassled Nightclubs
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16 Apr 2011 Mission Loc@l: Gunfire Brings Neighbors Together (Cirolo)
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25 Mar 2011 Fog City Journal: Save The Rave: Electronic Dance Music Community Speaks Out
24 Mar 2011 SF Weekly: Slim's Noise Complaints: An Open Letter to Jeanmarie Guenot, the Club's Angry Neighbor
24 Mar 2011 SF Bay Guardian: Hundreds pack City Hall to save the raves
23 Mar 2011 SF Examiner: Noise dispute stops flow of booze at Slim's
22 Mar 2011 SF Weekly: Slim's Liquor License Temporarily Suspended Due to Neighbor Complaints
21 Mar 2011 Amoeblog: Slim's SF Shut Down Temporarily By ABC Due To Complaining Neighbor
21 Mar 2011 SF Bay Times: Iconic Angie Bowie Discusses LGBT Generation Gap
16 Mar 2011 SF Appeal: SFPD Chief Candidates Could Include Anti-Nightlife Commander Or Recently Demoted Captain
9 Mar 2011 SF Bay Guardian: Death Guild Eighteenth Anniversary
04 Mar 2011 Eater SF: DNA Pizza
26 Feb 2011 BARE blog: Red Bull Thre3Style
25 Feb 2011 SF Weekly: RedBull DJ Contest
13 Feb 2011 SFIst: 'Set Your Goals' Set To Turn DNA Lounge Into a Stage Diving Contest
11 Feb 2011 SF Weekly: The Finnish Metal Tour Brings a Hideous Therapy Session to DNA Lounge
26 Jan 2011 SF Weekly: Looking for drag that turns spectacle into art in S.F.
22 Jan 2011 Examiner: Rotissary Ethnicity Jackson-Houston Ross named Miss Trannyshack Star Search 2011
23 Dec 2010 Bootie NYE: Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Bootie at Mezzanine)
09 Dec 2010 Travel Channel: Top 10 Burlesque Shows
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07 Dec 2010 That Devil Music: Epica, Scar Symmetry, The Agonist, Blackguard Review
29 Nov 2010 SF Weekly: Supervisor Chris Daly Tended Bar at DNA Lounge's 25th Anniversary Party
19 Nov 2010 NBC: F-Bomb Supervisor Gets to Live His Dream for a Day
19 Nov 2010 Eater SF: SF To See Chris Daly Behind The Bar Afterall
04 Nov 2010 Offbeat Bride: Sparkly and Bones's epic burlesque nightclub wedding
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03 Oct 2010 Nintendo World Report: Reactions From The Guitar Hero/James Bond Press Event
08 Sep 2010 Dave Mustaine talks Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock (video)
11 Aug 2010 Wall Street Journal: San Francisco Divided over Alcohol Tax
22 Jul 2010 New York Times: Patrolling Near Clubs Carries High Cost
25 Jun 2010 KTVU: Doom Metal Legends Return To SF (Saint Vitus)
15 Jul 2010 San Ramon Patch: Teen Band Devils Angels Rock Local Music Scene
30 Jun 2010 Safety meet tries to take death out of nightlife
16 Jun 2010 The Metal Register: Pestilence / Warbringer / Vital Remains / Enfold Darkness / Sacrificial Slaughter review
09 Jun 2010 Guardian: Parties without borders (Bootie, Trannyshack, Bearracuda, Blow Up)
01 Jun 2010 SF Weekly: Tuesday's Pick: Chemlab @ DNA Lounge
18 May 2010 Hard Rock Chick: Hypocrisy
07 May 2010 Guardian: SF nightclubs fight back with new organization
07 May 2010 SF Weekly: New Nightclub Association Vows to Self-Police Its Members
07 May 2010 SFist: California Music and Culture Association, a New Nightclub Coalition, Launches
07 May 2010 SF Appeal: New Nightclub Coalition Launches, Cites Golden Gate Restaurant Asc. As Model
05 May 2010 Guardian: The voice of fun (CMAC)
16 Apr 2010 Chronicle: Panel's risky move: after-hours club near gangs
15 Apr 2010 SF Weekly: City Attorney Puts the Screws to Club Suede (Complaint PDF)
15 Apr 2010 SFAppeal: City Atty Goes After "defiant club operators"
15 Apr 2010 KCBS: Lawsuit Filed Against Suede Nightclub
15 Apr 2010 SF Citizen: Dennis Herrera Throws Down: Say Good-Bye to Suede Nightclub
14 Apr 2010 SF Appeal: More Details Emerge On Sunday's SoMa Shooting
12 Apr 2010 KCBS: SF Nightclubs Under Scrutiny After Shooting
11 Apr 2010 Examiner: Debate stirred on infused drinks
09 Apr 2010 Guardian: SFPD's Capt. McDonough defends rogue cops
08 Apr 2010 Bay Area Reporter: Nightlife concerns top the agenda in D6 supe race
06 Apr 2010 SF Weekly: We Still Have Entertainment Commission to Kick Around -- For Now
06 Apr 2010 NBC: End Looms for Notorious San Francisco Nightclub (Suede)
06 Apr 2010 ABC7: San Francisco Supervisor David Chiu proposes easier way to shut down troubled nightclubs
06 Apr 2010 Chronicle: David Chiu seeks to beef up controls over clubs
03 Apr 2010 Chronicle: S.F.'s Entertainment Commission toothless (Suede)
02 Apr 2010 SF Examiner: Time to admit failure, disarm commission (Suede)
01 Apr 2010 New York Times: San Francisco Entertainment Commission Fate Uncertain After It Suspends Club's License
01 Apr 2010 SFist: Eliminate Entertainment Commission, Says Newsom
01 Apr 2010 Chronicle: Pull plug on nightlife panel, S.F. mayor says
01 Apr 2010 Guardian: Newsom wants more authority for party-crashing cops
01 Apr 2010 SFAppeal: New SF Venue Caters To The SFPD, ABC Fearing Concertgoer: RNA Lounge
04 Apr 2010 Examiner: Controversial nightclub suspended (Suede)
31 Mar 2010 Hard Rock Chick: Otep / Bury Your Dead review
04 Apr 2010 ABC7: Entertainment Commission suspends Suede nightclub's license near Fisherman's Wharf
04 Apr 2010 New York Times: The Future of a Club and a Commission Are at Issue (Suede)
31 Mar 2010 SFGate: Nightlife advocate quits panel (Terrance)
30 Mar 2010 SF Weekly: Nightclub Sues City, Asks for $9 Million in Damages
28 Feb 2010 Chronicle: Suede as test case for Entertainment Commission
26 Mar 2010 Hard Rock Chick: Pentagram / Ludicra / Slough Feg / Orchid review
25 Mar 2010 Umlaut: Pentagram / Ludicra / Slough Feg / Orchid review
26 Mar 2010 Guardian: Lawsuit could expose SFPD-ABC collaboration
25 Mar 2010 SF Bay Guardian: Can Newsom save SF parties?
24 Mar 2010 SF Bay Guardian: The new War on Fun: Party people, watch out: undercover cop Larry Betrand has declared war on San Francisco nightlife
24 Mar 2010 SF Bay Guardian: End the nightlife crackdown: Harassing parties and clubs shouldn't be a priority for a cash-strapped city's police department
22 Mar 2010 SF Weekly: Cleaning Up Entertainment Commission Is Harder Than You'd Think
04 Apr 2010 Chronicle: Entertainment Commission's party over (Suede)
14 Mar 2010 SF Chronicle: Editorial on Regulators Run Amok: Time for Infusion of Common Sense
9 Mar 2010 Examiner: Existing loitering law having little impact
08 Mar 2010 The Bay Bridged: Five Ways to Think About the Crackdown on SF Venues
03 Mar 2010 SF Chronicle: Undercover booze bust at Nob Hill club
02 Mar 2010 The Big Money: The Booze-Infusion Confusion: What's behind California's sudden crackdown on flavored liquor?
29 Mar 2010 Grub Street: More Details Emerge About the ABC's Infused Booze Bust
26 Feb 2010 SF Chronicle: State warns Bay Area bars not to infuse drinks
25 Feb 2010 SF Chronicle: Are my favorite bartenders going to be sent to jail?
25 Feb 2010 CBS5: report on ABC's crackdown on infusions
21 Feb 2010 KGO-TV: Bar bots square off in competition
19 Feb 2010 Wired: Robot Bartenders Sling Cocktails for Carbon-Based Drinkers
19 Feb 2010 Asylum: BarBot 2010 -- Where Robots Revolt by Getting Humans Drunk
19 Feb 2010 CNET: Drinking with droids at BarBot 2010
13 Feb 2010 New York Times: Clubbers Angry at Police, Neighbors at Clubs
12 Feb 2010 SF Weekly: Hey DJ! Friday Q&A w/ Adrian & Mysterious D of Bootie
5 Feb 2010 Geek Entertainment TV: A Night of 8-bit Chiptunes (Crashfaster interview)
30 Jan 2010 Umlaut: I Bleed Black (Saint Vitus / Saviours / Laudanum)
29 Jan 2010 SF Appeal: Law Enforcement Agency Accused Of Unfair Crackdowns On SF Venues Gets...Awarded?
23 Jan 2010 SF Chronicle: Winter Music Fest lineup showcases local talent
21 Jan 2010 SF Appeal: What's Shaking Down SF Venues? Call The Mayor Day, That's What
21 Jan 2010 East Bay Express: What's Shaking Down SF Music Venues?
16 Dec 2009 SF Bay Guardian: Decade in Music: 10 years on the Bay Area dance floor -- and still looking fantastic!
23 Dec 2009 The iS Collection: Holiday Burlesque: The No Santa Baby Rule and The Art of the Tease
8 Dec 2009 Hard Rock Chick: The Faceless, Dying Fetus, Beneath the Massacre review
8 Dec 2009 Hard Rock Chick: Eyehategod, Stormcrow, Brainoil review
11 Dec 2009 Pollstar: SF's War on Fun
8 Dec 2009 Gamepro: Umloud charity event rocks San Francisco
8 Dec 2009 Hard Rock Chick: Marduk, Nachtmystium, Mantic Ritual, Black Anvil, Merrimack review
26 Nov 2009 SF Bay Guardian: Police seize DJs' laptops: New police chief apparently condones policy that critics call illegal and punitive
25 Nov 2009 Hard Rock Chick: Far Beyond Driven: Vader, Decrepit Birth, Warbringer, The Amenta, Augury review
21 Nov 2009 Hard Rock Chick: Totally Folking Metal : Ensiferum, Blackguard, Lazarus A.D. review
20 Nov 2009 Joystiq: Child's Play & Harmonix rock San Fran for charity Dec. 9
20 Nov 2009 Crispy Gamer: Umloud! A Rock Band Night for Child's Play
18 Nov 2009 SF Bay Guardian: War on Funwatch: DNA Lounge to close for January
17 Nov 2009 SF Chronicle: Date Lines: Club closings
12 Nov 2009 Bay Area Reporter: Gay-friendly club ends legal battle with ABC
11 Nov 2009 NBC: DNA Lounge Signs an Expensive Truce With the ABC
11 Nov 2009 SF Weekly: DNA Lounge Agrees to Suspension, Probation Over 'Lewdness' Charge
4 Nov 2009 SF Chronicle: Kiss my druid, death metal viking! (Heathenfest)
6 Nov 2009 SF Weekly: Venetian Snares
1 Nov 2009 CalTV Music: Halloween Backstage Pass (Youtube)
1 Nov 2009 Destructoid: Chiptune micro tour bringing the lovin' to the West Coast
27 Oct 2009 New York Times Blogs: Night Life in San Francisco Under the Microscope
28 Oct 2009 Mission Local: Committee Votes to Empower Entertainment Commission
28 Oct 2009 SF Gate: Supes urge giving panel more clout over nightclubs
28 Oct 2009 SF Bay Guardian: Culture war at City Hall
26 Oct 2009 InfoWorld: Rock out for charity in San Francisco on December 9
26 Oct 2009 Examiner: Possessed plays S.F for the first first time in twenty-five years
26 Oct 2009 Beyond Chron: Supes to Consider Entertainment Commission Changes
26 Oct 2009 SFist: Reminder: Fight the "Anti-Fun" People at City Hall Today at 1PM.
23 Oct 2009 Wired: Umloud: a Rock Band Night for Child's Play
16 Oct 2009 SF Gate: Sad, Angry Bullies vs. the San Francisco Music Scene
2 Oct 2009 Examiner: San Francisco's not afraid of Metal
2 Oct 2009 Hard Rock Chick: Metal Morsels: Kylesa, Saviours, Bison b.c., Kowloon Walled City
1 Oct 2009 Hard Rock Chick: Industrial Strength: Psyclon Nine, Imperative Reaction, Dismantled, We Got This Far
1 Oct 2009 SF Bay Guardian: Judge sides with SF club in ABC crackdown (GAMH)
1 Sep 2009 SF Weekly: New Video Illustrates All-Ages Clubs Struggles
14 Aug 2009 Examiner: Bootie parties at DNA Lounge bring non-stop energy to SOMA
12 Aug 2009 SF Bay Guardian: The Ring (Fog City Wrestling cover story)
5 Aug 2009 SF Bay Guardian: Bootie Six-Year Anniversary Weekender: Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts
5 Aug 2009 Examiner: Gadget fans turn out for gadget site launch party
14 Jul 2009 Fog City Journal: Electallujah! Reverend Billy Takes on Bloomberg, Corporate Hegemony and Consumerism
14 Jul 2009 SF Bay Guardian: Rev. Billy sings "It's Up to Us"
13 Jul 2009 KQED: SF Music Venues Against ABC
8 Jul 2009 SF Weekly: For Entertainment Purposes Only (hit piece on Terrance Alan and the Entertainment Commission)
7 Jul 2009 SF Bay Guardian: SF clubs resist ABC crackdown (Ross Glen letter)
7 Jul 2009 SF Weekly: New Site Aims to Stop the ABC's 'War on Fun'
2 Jul 2009 Examiner: Fight for your right to party
17 June 2009 NBC: SF Music Venues Under Siege -- Youtube.
17 June 2009 Matador Nights: DNA Lounge Has it All
5 June 2009 SF Bay Guardian: Busting bars: State agency imposes its strange morality and bewildering bureaucracy on SF clubs
5 June 2009 SF Bay Guardian: Mayhem: Pure fucking armageddon?
3 June 2009 7x7: Best Smackdown: Lucha Libre Wrestling at DNA Lounge
2 June 2009 SF Bay Guardian: Mayhem: The most fucked-up band on the planet?
26 May 2009 SF Weekly: Outdated rules threaten the life of local all-ages clubs
6 May 2009 SFist: Loitering Outside Nightclubs Banned
30 Apr 2009 Bay Area Reporter: SF police crackdown on Dore fair sex
29 Apr 2009 Guardian UK: In which a live piano performance that had to be seen to be believed restores my faith in reality
27 Apr 2009 SF Gate: City Insider: Nightclub legislation runs into some bumps
24 Apr 2009 SFist: Update on ABC's Threat to Shut Down SF All-Ages Clubs
24 Apr 2009 Pirate Cat Radio: ABC Threatens to Shut Down Bottom of the Hill
24 Apr 2009 SF Gate: City Insider: ABC doesn't slow down on prosecutions of music clubs
23 Apr 2009 SF Examiner: Police hope to keep peace around city's club venues
20 Apr 2009 SF Weekly: Update on ABC vs. All Ages Clubs: Support Groups, Scathing Letter
20 Apr 2009 7x7: SF All-Ages Venues in Trouble -- Youtube.
20 Apr 2009 7x7: ABC Using Unicorn Rules to Threaten Local Venues
20 Apr 2009 SF Weekly: Over the Weekend: Hubba Hubba Revue "Viva la Revolucion"
16 Apr 2009 SF Weekly: Morrissey Calls in Sick at the Paramount, Gets Busted at DNA Lounge
16 Apr 2009 SF Chronicle: Alcohol board to work with all-ages clubs
14 Apr 2009 Stranger Dance: Legal Battle over All-Ages Concerts in SF
14 Apr 2009 SF Weekly: ABC Vendetta Against All-Ages Venues?
14 Apr 2009 NBC: Green Day Pleases Old and New With Surprise Shows
13 Apr 2009 SF Examiner: Squeezing the fun out festivals
13 Apr 2009 SF Bay Guardian: Can Fun police itself? (Bring Your Own Big Wheel)
11 Apr 2009 Examiner: ABC Power Trip: SF Clubs Face Financial Ruin
11 Apr 2009 SF Chronicle: State goes after legendary all-ages music clubs
10 Apr 2009 Hard Rock Chick: Green Day Goes All the Way at DNA Lounge
10 Apr 2009 New York Times Blogs: Inside Green Day's Secret Show in San Francisco
10 Apr 2009 Mercury News: Green Day at DNA Lounge
10 Apr 2009 NME: Green Day for intimate New York club show
3 Apr 2009 Bay Area Reporter: Political Notebook: Leno threatens audit of ABC
2 Apr 2009 Bay Area Reporter: City panel looks at late night issues
2 Apr 2009 Examiner: Gooferman: Funky music puts the sexy back in clowns
10 Mar 2009 Examiner: DNA Lounge suffocated by legal debacles
1 Mar 2009 Metafilter: Keepin' gay club nights safe for the Moral Majority
27 Feb 2009 Eater SF: DNA Rumor Mongering
26 Feb 2009 SF Chronicle: The ABC's New Anti-Gay Crusade?
26 Feb 2009 Bay Area Reporter: Gay party venue fights to remain open
23 Feb 2009 Laughing Squid: Help Save San Francisco's DNA Lounge
23 Feb 2009 SF Examiner: DNA Lounge license could be stripped
23 Feb 2009 Eater SF: DNA Losing ABC Fight
19 Feb 2009 DNA Runs Afoul of ABC
18 Feb 2009 SFist: DNA Lounge Being Singled Out by California ABC?

(I only started collecting these links in earnest in 2009...)

30 Jan 2008 SF Bay Guardian: Slim's slimed: A lone spoiler may bring down the venerable concert spot
Aug 2006 Club Systems: Bootie
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18 Jul 2001 SF Weekly: Revenge is Sweet: DNA Reopens
16 Jul 2001 Wired: From Netscape to Nightclub
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7 Nov 2000 Stating the Obvious: Hacking the City
10 Feb 2000 Salon: Free the night life
15 Sep 1988 New York Times: From Off-Beat Rough Toward Chic and Fine