21-Feb-2023 (Tue) Wherein punching your way in still doesn't work

On Monday night, three guys decided that paying the $8 cover was too much to ask, and so they should punch their way inside instead. Because that's how it works, right? If you punch your way past the person at the door, then you get to go inside and chill at the bar. I wonder if you can punch free drinks out of the bartender too.

Anyway, they were arrested and charged. And the hilarious part is that apparently something broke in the handcuffs, so the cops had to wait for paramedics to arrive with a Dremel to cut them off.

In happier news... we have hired a full-time talent buyer, and also a full-time marketing person! So hopefully this will result in more live shows, and also more people finding out about them. And we have a bunch of live shows coming up in March:

It looks like we have our Instagram account back.. For now...? They shut down the account -- not just locking us out, but making the whole thing "unavailable" -- without explanation of any kind, and then did this shit:

It took 3 days for the account to come back, again with no explanation of any kind. Apparently we were guilty of some offense so egregious that they deleted our entire account -- but all was forgiven once we danced for them like a monkey, one time. And we still don't get to know what this offense was.

I wish I could convince myself that not having an Instagram (or Facebook, or Twitter) account would not cause our business financial harm. Sadly, I am not yet able to convince myself of that. Fuck all of these people entirely.

We had to cancel / reschedule the SubDocta show that was supposed to happen last Saturday because (...wait for it...) he caught COVID. Just in case you were still under the impression that we're not in the midst of a debilitating pandemic that is still killing more than 11,000 people a month in the US alone, and permanently disabling so many more.

In case you are like that guy who was waiting in line to get into the club a couple of weeks ago who decided to loudly mock me for wearing a mask. "Dude, that shit's been over since 2020," he informed me. So I didn't let him in to the club. Petty? Yes. Satisfying? Also yes.

Anyway, how about a photo dump, I haven't done one of those in a while.

So Stoked
Secret Lair
Must Die
Kristeen Young
Hubba Hubba: Holiday Special

Acid Rain
Un Invierno Sin Ti
Sorry For Party Rocking
Bass Drip: Dr. Ozi

Hubba Hubba
Bandlez + Rated R
J Balvin vs. Bad Bunny Party

12 Responses:

  1. MrEricSir says:

    Really have to wonder what situation led to the paramedics carrying a Dremel around with them.

    • jwz says:

      I assume people get their things stuck in all kinds of things...

    • o.o says:

      I had to track down a paramedic on the street late at night one time to ask if they had a handcuff key after a...mishap, and it turns out they did.  I'm sure they've got all kinds of that shit.  At least it wasn't the jaws of life.

  2. cmt says:

    Whoa, Soulfly! (Still wrong continent, sorry).

  3. Matt Sayler says:

    Daily? Monthly? Still a gods-damned tragedy, I'll grant you.

  4. Aphex says:

    Punching your way in doesnt work? I tried pushing my way in once at a place in NOLA. Didnt work out too well for me.

  5. Doctor Memory says:

    Was the problem that they didn't go far enough? If they punch you do they then own a nightclub?  Have I been misapprehending the promotions process at my job all this time?

    (Dear god I hope it does not actually have to be said that this is not serious and that you should not try to punch Jamie or any of his staff or, really, anyone.)

  6. Carlos says:

    I absolutely love that you turned the hur-hur-hur covidiot away at the door.

    Unfortunately I doubt it will make him realize he was being a moronic dick and change his behaviour.


  7. Dave says:

    Not petty, I absolutely wouldn't have let them in. In my opinion, right up there with the person smoking in line after asked to put it out, you're just telling me that you're a douche. As for punching your way in, nope that will not work. Unfortunately, in my career, I have a few stories on how that didn't work out.   

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