30-Dec-2022 (Fri) Wherein the new year descends

We hope to see you at our New Year's Eve events: Tonight, Acid Rain, and tomorrow, Taylor Swift-themed NYE and BTS-themed NYE.

This is the time of year when I generally do a "What have we accomplished this year?" kind of post, and I'm not gonna lie, this was another year that was just depressing as hell. I don't think people really acknowledge the trauma that nearly everybody is suffering as a result of the last three years. All of your friends are damaged. I mean, even more than usual.

Like, we had a staff party a few weeks ago. It was lovely. But here's how a lot of the conversations went:

9pm to midnight: This is so fun! It's great to see you! Yay, let's drink and bullshit about music!

Midnight to 2am: Let me tell you about my debiliating PTSD from the last three years of COVID, poverty, and dead friends.

So let's recap, I guess?

February through April of this year saw our government and our industry unify behind the idea that the proper response to a vascular, neurological and immunocompromising pandemic was to just pretend that it's no longer happening, and not just eliminate but stigmatize even the most basic mitigation measures.

In August, we had the literal shitshow of a weeks-long plumbing disaster that left us with no toilets and required digging up the sidewalk.

In November, we had a weeks-long social media shitshow instigated by someone who repeatedly assaulted our staff and then loudly and enthusiastically lied about it.

And then a few weeks later, we were burgled, twice. It was very expensive. The suspects are still at large, because my first name's not Louis, my last name's not Vuitton, and when Mayor Breed (D-Coronavirus) talks about being tough on crime, what she means by "crime" is "visible homelessness".

Our attendance is back up to about 80% of what it was in 2019, which is... better than it could be, but still not great. We put on a bunch of great shows, we just need more people to come to them.

And this year we were again voted Best Nightclub, so thank you for that!

Sooooooo, another year above ground, right? Take the win, I guess.

Maybe 2023 will be better. Maybe you can help, by joining our team. We are in desperate need of both an experienced talent buyer and a bookkeeper. If you know anyone, send them our way!

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  1. Matt+Lee says:

    So, so many dead friends :(

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