4-Nov-2022 (Fri) Wherein we have surveillance footage

We now have video of the part that you haven't seen.

After having assaulted and injured two of our staff members, two of our security staff can be seen escorting the woman dressed as Raggedy Ann from the building in the video at 0:00:10 (upper left corner). You can then see her swinging at people unprovoked. By 0:00:55, security had gotten her outside and had disengaged.

Having been escorted down the street to the North, past the DNA property line, she turned around and marched back toward DNA Lounge yelling about how outraged she was over being removed. She walked directly up to Security_1, who was by this time standing at the Above DNA door, and attacked her a second time, this time clawing at her left eye just below the tear duct. Security_2 instinctively pushed back at this surprise attack.

The woman was wildly swinging at staff and other bystanders. Security_4 attempted to separate her from our staff. The woman walked away briefly, then came back and struck multiple staff members again.

You can see this in the video at 0:01:18, where she scuffles with someone, patrons and security intervene, then disengage. By 0:01:46, she appears to have calmed down, and at 0:02:13, she walks off camera (bottom right). At 0:02:41, she rushes back and slaps Security_2.

After the third time she walked away and returned to again choose violence, it was clear that de-escalation was not possible with this person, so Security_4 and Security_5 attempted to restrain her physically. She kicked Security_5 in the testicles, at which point the two of them took her to the ground and held her down.

While attempting to restrain her, Security_4 was punched in the face multiple times, and bruised.

While this drama was unfolding, the woman began screaming that she was being choked and couldn't breathe, which was absolutely false. As you can see in her own video, she is being secured with an arm across the top of her chest and hands on her shoulder to prevent pressure on her throat or constriction of her breathing.

Eventually SFPD arrived, took custody of the woman and the male assailant, took statements and continued to clear the scene.

Paramedics arrived, checked our staff member who had been knocked unconscious during the scuffle, and released him.

And even after all of this, when SFPD asked our assaulted and injured staff members if they wanted to press charges, they declined. They just wanted these people gone, and to get back to their jobs and their lives.

After having been released by SFPD, she and the other assailant finally left. Or so we thought.

The club closed at around 2:30 AM. Staff have a little more work to do after the customers leave, but at 3:15 AM, as it came time for them to go home, they discovered that the woman and several of her friends had returned to DNA Lounge and were waiting outside. Our staff left as a group, escorting and driving each other to their respective cars.

Since this incident, and the online drama that the woman's lies have drummed up, lies which were amplified by KRON 4, one of our staff members (who wasn't even involved in any of this) has been harassed on the street. And another was recognized as DNA staff and was physically attacked, and injured, in Oakland.

For those of you who took this woman's claims at face value, we understand why you did. Hopefully it is clear now what really happened here. DNA Lounge has a fantastic staff, who acted appropriately and with remarkable restraint and composure in the face of a violently out-of-control person. They regularly put themselves in harm's way to keep the rest of our customers safe. We are proud of our staff, and yet because of this person's antics and online lies, we still find ourselves fearing for their safety. We hope that those responsible for amplifying these lies and endangering our staff step forward as rapidly to set the record straight. We also hope those of you that contributed to this woman's GoFundMe can get a refund.

Previously, previously.

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  1. 23

    Thank you for posting the video footage.

    • April says:

      i agree! the idea that they waited two HOURS for the rest of the staff to leave is not at all sane behaviour!

      i understand the staff not pressing charges, but cannot the DNA Lounge itself at least sue KRON4 for defamation and harmful lies leading to assault of innocent staff members? this is not the first time KRON4 lies have hurt friends. i don't understand them getting away with their lies year after year.

  2. dscrptr says:

    I’m so sorry this happened.

    So much love for all the wonderful DNA Lounge staff. I hope you’re all ok.

  3. Daisy says:

    This is awful! Thanks to the brave staff who did not deserve any of this!!! Why aren’t charges being held against these people? They need to be off the street! My son plays and hangs out there and I want him to be safe. Please have these people arrested!!

  4. thielges says:

    Objective evidence beats hearsay and always aids justice.   KRON-4 really should follow up on this story.  The stalking part is really creepy.  

  5. BT says:

    Press charges.  Make sure that these people are prosecuted.

    Your better behaved patrons will NOT feel safe if this sort of behavior is simply "moved on down the road", instead of it seeing proper rectification.

    • thielges says:

      The victims declined to press charges which is their prerogative. I doubt the city DA will want to follow up.  

      • BT says:

        I feel less safe going there now, as may others.

        How is that good for business?

        • jwz says:

          You're posting this from Redmond, Washington, so I'm guessing the commute is kind of a problem for you, too.

          The person who gets to decide whether to press charges -- and to endure the  time, hassle and additional trauma associated with that process -- is the person who was assaulted. They are the victim, and they get to decide.

          Whatever my personal opinions on it may be, as their employer I have no right to tell them what to do about this, nor should I. Should the victims decide to press charges, we will support them in any way we can, but it's their decision.

          • BT says:

            Redmond Washington?  I have never even been there.

            I am a block away from the Cat Club as I type this.

          • SoMaLoVe says:

            But what about defamation to the business? This was awful to watch it all come out in the way that it did :(  I've already seen around 1000 people all supporting her, saying they will blast the business with negative reviews as well as start messaging all the artists you book to have them boycott you, etc. It's absolutely disgusting what is happening. In addition, of course, to the individuals you mentioned having their safety at risk now. But as a business she and KRON4 have both done a lot of harm. And believe me, all those people will not take the time and effort to read this blog to get the other side, unfortunately. (I will share it myself though.) Take care ❤️

          • joe luser says:

            that's how it works in practice but not how it works in theory. punching someone in the face is a criminal offense no matter what the person with the bloody face says. and it's the job of the police to determine this and to present that evidence to the DA who then decides to prosecute or not.

            this whole "declined to press charges" thing is in one part the police trying to convince everyone to make their job easier and in another part is a myth the system built in in order to give us a couple of centuries of battered wives. battered wives never "press charges".

            someone punched so hard they are in a coma for the rest of their lives also cannot "press charges" but it's fairly certain that charges would be pressed. the police simply drew a line here which does not exist in law. yay police!

            i have absolutely no doubt that you are doing precisely the right thing, so this is not advice. but the "chose not to press charges" thing perpetuates a particularly broken part of a broken system.

            also: rooting for you. and fuck that tv station what the fuck?

        • LilyFish says:

          You're demanding that victims of assault put their safety at even more risk and drag out their awful, traumatic experience and have their lives completely consumed for weeks or months while they get death threats for a very small chance of getting justice...so that YOU, who is 10x more likely to get mugged on the way TO the DNA Lounge than to encounter and get assaulted by this woman or her friends-can feel safe.

          ...and you think you should be entitled to all that.

          For the $40-$60 you occasionally drop.

          That they should do all that for you, or that the boss should somehow make them do it, because ethics and protecting crime victims and free will and common decency is Bad For Business. Just yours. But "maybe others".

          They sound pretty selfish and shallow. Maybe you should take your tremendous profit potential to somewhere who would be grateful for the chance to protect you from hypothetical assault through deep personal sacrifice. The DNA doesn't deserve you.

          • BT says:

            Not sure who you are, but I have been to the DNA lounge almost 1,000 times since it reopened, as an individual customer, wherein I have spent around $10,000 in my own personal money.  I never arrive without company, either.
            I have directed companies where I have sway to host private corporate events there, on numerous occasions, bringing the venue revenue during idle time periods where it would have none.
            Why?  Because I believe in the venue, and I want Jamie to have a successful operation.
            I have even created some of the industrial fixtures that you might see if you ever appear there, because it was needed, and I was asked.
            I have known almost all of the members of the security and bar staff, past, and many present, as well as past and present bar managers, club managers, bartenders, and office staff, as well.  I have mourned the passing and attended the funeral services of all that have left this earth.
            I am that deep in, and this is that important to me.
            I have already spoken to numerous people that are now hesitant to attend events knowing that the response is not one of having the police remove dangerous patrons when they have created a demonstrable risk to innocent and well-behaved patrons.
            This situation could have easily turned to one that included one or more deaths.  The way that you ensure that is by placing those who are creating that potential danger into police custody.

            • LilyFish says:

              None of your "credentials" have one single thing to do with what I said, except to apparently discount my flippant sarcasm about how much you spend there. You got me. Right in the no one cares.

              In fact, it amplifies the gall of your choice to try to pull "I know people" rank while throwing out dollar amounts and ignoring the meat of my observation-you expect several people (that you now claim to be closely acquainted with) who have already been injured and traumatized to put themselves at MORE risk of retaliation, endanger their families, sit in courtrooms, fill out paperwork....to ive you a false sense of security? It wasn't a drive by shooting, it was a drunk woman swinging on people. If every person assaulted that night pressed charges, what exactly do you think would happen? Do you think she and all her friends would be rounded up and thrown in the slammer, making the SF streets safe once more?

              She's a woman. She was very intoxicated. Does she have a rap sheet miles long? Is she on probation with a mandatory incarceration as her penalty for reoffending? Is she a serial assaulter with multiple felony convictions? Do you honestly think she'd get convicted, much less serve time? Jails are crowded. They don't hold anyone who is unlikely to repeat offend immediately, committed their crime deeply under the influence, or has an otherwise clean record. People who beat their spouses, molest their children, rape, or even cause death via drunk driving walk out EVERY DAY within 24 hours, especially if they can put up bail. She punched a few people in the face and kicked someone in the balls. She will not go to jail, and you just wasted how much time and tax dollars for nothing?

              Going through the motions to try to get her convicted is a colossal waste of time that requires a huge amount of personal risk from people who have suffered enough, and would likely sensationalize and escalate the already present level of retaliatory violence.

              ...but YOU don't feel safe, and they should remedy that for you.

              You don't know who I am, which is why I laughed and laughed at the time you spent trying to socially outrank me as if that justified your entitled, selfish comments. I'm sure I "might" have seen your fixtures the countless times I've "appeared" there....I've produced and performed and attended more events than I could possibly count at the DNA for double digit years, I'd be very surprised if some of your thousands and thousands didn't line my own pockets, so thanks for that! I have loved and lived and cried and worked alongside decades worth of DNA staff members, including a few that are gone. We have likely stood in the same rooms hundreds of times and been at the same memorials mourning the same people, we may even know each other....so your "deep in" does not impress me in the least, it makes it worse.

              Nice name drop btw, but I know Jamie too. And I know he cares about his business and his money. And I am extremely impressed and have immense respect for how he is handling this situation and protecting and standing by his staff. He is clearly more concerned about their well being and safety than your threats to take your money elsewhere...who cares how much that number is besides you? The way he responded to you made me want to write him a check just for fun.

              Your safety isn't more valuable than anyone else's, and your "revenue" isn't paying for anyone's trauma, time, or sense of safety. You couldn't generate enough revenue for someone else in a lifetime to be worth several people (who makes way less than you do apparently) to be forced into MORE harm's way so that you can pretend you're safe from hypothetical violence because you think it might possibly get someone "off the streets", when it won't.

              If you're so connected, why are you suggesting Jamie strong arm the people he's responsible for (who are crime victims) to sacrifice so much personally for your delusional sense of safety? What makes you think he even has the power to do so, much less the lack of ethics? Why don't you call all your staff buddies up individually and ask them to do it for your sake, instead of dehumanizing them by going to their boss and pointing out how much their audacity to choose how they respond to their own assault might cost him financially? You don't see how insulting that is?

              Jamie's response to you was respectful, appropriate and clear. He's prioritizing his people over your (unrealistic) claim that THEIR autonomy might affect HIS revenue. You can get caught up in violence literally anywhere at any time, and what you're requesting does nothing to change that, at the DNA or anywhere else. You're no friend to the amazing people who keep that eclectic, well established venue running for all of us to enjoy, and that your focus is on threatening to pull your business unless they make a very personal choice meld to your needs makes me wonder just how "deep" in you really are.

              Address why you think they should do that for you. (Not Jamie, the STAFF). Address why you're appealing to Jamie as if he can force them to. Address why your focus is on your hypothetical safety and not their actual healing, if you're so close to the DNA family. Explain to me why you're not throwing money at clearing their names and protecting THEM as targeted, innocent individuals instead of threatening to pull money if they don't cater to your importance. Tell me why you've been going around talking to other patrons and taking a poll on who still intends to support this business you're so invested in, instead of talking to the staff and asking how you can help. Explain why all you focus on is revenue and social clout and not concern for your peers...oh, I'm sorry. Jamie's clearly the only one you see as a peer-the others are worker bees who owe you something. I don't give a shit how many funerals of my friends you've shown up at-that doesn't have a single thing to do with what a self-serving chump you're presenting as.

              See ya around the club, big spender.

      • gronk says:

        Also, at least over here in .nl, the accused gets all the details of the people who press charges. Would you like to have your name and address handed over to somebody who's willing to use violence for basically nothing?

        • joe luser says:

          here in the US, it is the government prosecutor who "presses charges". the victim may or may not be called as a witness if the case goes to a trial. the defendant does not customarily "get all the details" of witnesses in a trial, though obviously they get to see them, face them in court, and question them.

          it's a complicated thing to get right. "all the details" seems a little overboard and i suspect even in the netherlands it's a wee bit more nuanced than that. maybe you are confusing criminal trials with civil trials? in any case, not the situation here.

  6. db48x says:

    I can think of a few other media outrages in recent years that turned out to be entirely fake once witnesses started testifying at trial. It feels like a failing of modern society, but I do seem to recall that there was a Latin quote on the matter.

  7. Mojo-jojo says:

    Just horrible, I’m glad this all came out as me and my husband knew it would. We have been patreon’s  for over a year now and absolutely love DNA and the staff.  Probably the most fair and understanding staff out there. Sorry this is happening. You will conotonhave our support!

  8. Nicki K says:

    I’ve been attending Death Guild since before it was at the DNA Lounge. Speaking as a small female bodied person, DNA is the safest club venue I have attended on either coast and internationally. The staff are fantastic and make it not just feel safe but actually BE safe by being a first pass filter of folks who arrive (or become) too intoxicated or who are threatening. I’ve seen the gentle care with which they handle folks who are ill/ incoherent/ in crisis and the firm but fair management and de-escalation of belligerent and violent folks. The stuff they deal with… oof.

    The security staff at most other venues sometimes the job as an excuse to act out their bad cop fantasies or do it for the “authority”, basically meathead bullies that make me as wary as the creepers they fail to deal with. This has never been tolerated at DNA. The staff I’ve seen over the years at DNA have felt more like mother hens watching out for our flock. I’ve come to them many times when a patron is unwell, when we have a groper/ harasser that won’t take a no, and when someone is dangerously wasted. Every time it’s been handled professionally and with care. Even with pretty belligerent folks they do everything possible to not involve the police. Their philosophy seems to be even good folks can have bad nights.

    I hadn’t heard about the Saturday incident when I arrived to the Halloween, but I noticed the door staff were different and seemed anxious. I can see why now. Such a huge crowd days after staff were physically attacked, I can only imagine the stress they were under. They managed that crowd with great professionalism.

    From the various videos and accounts it seems clear that on Saturday staff put their bodies on the line to keep patrons and staff safe in the face of a determinedly assaultive guest. Thank you is not enough, so this is what I have to share. I’m sorry that the dedicated staff of one of the last independent venues that is a safe second home to some of our most vulnerable minorities and subcultures venue are being dragged through the mud. I’m glad you have security cameras to show the truth. The internet has a terrible capacity to inflate lies and feed firestorms of hate, and now people are being physically attacked in other cities for where they work based on those lies. I want DNA and simply being associated with DNA to be safe for staff too.

    DNA has been the only SF club I’ll go to since COVID, and I’m proud to be a Patreon Patron. Thank you for hiring humans who care. If there’s any way us regulars can help let us know. We appreciate your dedication and caring for us for all these years.

    Nicki K

    PS. While I was still unaware of the Saturday event, on Halloween outside Death Guild at DNA I met a couple of young first timers outside (18-19?) with questions about goths, our night, etc. They seemed a bit nervous about how non-white folks would be received by goths. It’s a common concern for those who are new to the scene because the media portrayal is of sullen privileged white kids in even whiter makeup.

    I gave them my usual welcome speech. The first thing I tell every newbie is that this is a safe place, both to reassure the wary and to warn off any potential creepers. I tell curious folks (usually in conversation but summarized here):
    “We have a strong immune system here. Everyone is welcome, just don’t be an asshole. It’s unlikely, but if anyone gives you trouble, you can always come to one of us ‘elder goths’, and the staff are super helpful if you need a further assist. The ‘security’ are like family here; they keep us safe from assholes. Kids who got picked on at school and folks who are ‘too different/ weird’ find a home here. Goths (and our industrial and EBM fellow travelers) come in every color, shape, sex, gender, preference, and neurotype. We don’t have a dress code here, although black clothing is very welcome, but look around and you’ll see a variety of styles and yes colors of clothing (and hair and makeup). The scene can play at being a bit pretentious, but it’s generally self-aware and pretty light hearted. Don’t be an asshole, and you’ll be fine. Welcome to the club. Let me know if you want some introductions to folks.” Jokes about goths liking “new blood” aside, I hope that we can weather this storm and that new folks aren’t scared off by the hate and lies that are being spread online. We are still here, and this is who we are. Come share the night with us.

    • Nicki K says:

      Apologies for a few editing typos. That was a lot to type on a phone.

    • Aneira says:

      Thank you so much Nicki for doing such an excellent job of expressing our faith in the DNA staff and for so accurately describing what our friends have truly experienced: a kind and courteous group of professionals who have taken great care to make DNA a safe and pleasant venue for us Death Guild patrons to enjoy and share. I too am truly saddened and dismayed they have been maligned by media that didn’t do their homework. I hope and pray the situation will be rectified soon and the staff will be safe, and vindicated post haste and free to do what they do best in peace. They have been awesome to me. I stand behind them.

    • dscrptr says:

      So wonderfully written.

      Thank you for taking the time and empathy to write that.

  9. Triangle says:

    Press charges.  Do not let this person get away with this.  She will continue this behavior again and again.  Worse yet she lied and grifted.  PRESS CHARGES!

  10. M M says:

    I hate to be the one to point this out but this patron has a pattern of doing this and there are multiple social media posts of her doing this exact thing. I'm so glad you guys posted the footage.. the consequences of her behavior are insane .

  11. Carlos says:

    Two things.

    Only the assault victims have any say in this?  The fact that the crimes occurred in and surrounding your business does not give you any legal skin in the game?  In particular, that they deliberately "and with malice aforethought" came back and laid in wait to attack your staff after close?  You could be right - I'm no expert - but I find it surprising.

    The second is, I'm torn.  I understand not wanting to escalate a situation to the point where the miscreant might be endangered by overly-enthusiastic law enforcement chasing them and "mistakenly" shooting someone who "looked like they had a gun" or similar.  But the police had her safely in custody - she could have been arrested and booked without any of that sort of risk.  And given that this behaviour was not just a drunk woman slapping someone who got between her and whatever she wanted - this was deliberate, repeated, serious violence - letting her off scott-free does seem to be questionable.

    I support the decisions of you and your staff; you clearly do the best you can in an all-sides-lose situation.  But I am curious to hear more regarding the above.


    • LilyFish says:

      If the police who had her in custody thought the offense was serious enough, they could have pressed charges without the cooperation of any of the victims. They didn't. Which means that the possibility of a conviction that would incur consequences that might guarantee anyone's safety is highly, highly unlikely, and not worth the risk-not to mention it's not her hunting down staff members on the street and attacking them, and she wasn't alone when she returned after being released...none of those people are identified. At this point, her wannabe vigilantes are more dangerous than she is, and going after her personally just escalates that danger.

      The most productive plan of action is to discredit her and expose her, to clear the staff of any wrong doing. Security at every bar or club deals with drunk people swinging at them all the time, the only reason this is such a big deal is because she's managed to falsely create emotionally charged accusations of racially motivated excessive force.

    • Oscar3387 says:

      I hear you Carlos... Your post describes my feelings to a "T."

  12. CSL3 says:

    After reading these comments, all the more props to jwz and The Lounge for not giving into a pitchfork-n-torch-level bloodlust. There's "fighting the good fight", then there's a "make all my enemies pay"-style grudge one expects from Trump or Musk.

    Good on you for not succumbing to the latter.

  13. gravecrawler says:

    When I saw that post, I could tell it was a lie because of all the holes in the story, the begging for money, and her bullying people in her comment section. It’s good to see that DNA Lounge is held at a higher standard than that. This woman is a bully, don’t let her drag you down with her

  14. DementiaMorta says:

    I've only been to DNA once as a guest visiting but hearing all of this and then watching the video if someone I personally met and shook hands with that was probably one of the nicest and warm hearted people I've met get assaulted is insane. People like the assailant attention seek, and no one at DNA ever made me feel like I was unwelcome or in danger, will only tell their part of the story in means to make them seem better and gain popularity. The person does seem to have a history of "throwing a fit" to get what they want but with your staffs side of the video above the people that are on the assailants side simply haven't watched this video or want their dick sucked, pardon my French. I applaud Jaime, whom I've never ever met once, for taking his staffs safety into concern and also allowing them to make the decision if they should take legal action. As someone that's been in this situation if you take legal action round two from the assailant is always worse. Way to go DNA for being amazing and also being a safe space for everyone INCLUDING your employees which is a big thing now days. I can't wait to come back and give more support. Until then love from Texas 🥰

  15. Oscar3387 says:

    Been a bouncer, including a stint at the DNA, and one of my family was working that night. First of all, an extremely professional response... I am going to arm chair quarterback here and give props to that security team for not harming anyone involved, including the antagonist herself... and if anyone does not think a woman in a situation like what occured,  because of their physical limitations, cannot be dangerous... wanna buy the Bay Bridge? been in the family for ages!

    Women instigate men to act, with plenty of loud noise and alcohol to dull better instincts and judgement among other potential disasters that can occur.

    What some on this thread fail to realize is how much danger this lady put everyone in... Including catalyzing someone getting sucker punched, and a call to harm those doing their job that evening.  Why should she be allowed to do this? This woman did the equivalent of someone yelling "fire" in a crowded movie theater. Her expression of her perceived slight, including coming back to antagonize further,  caused harm, including the people, she herself assaulted. Some think this is no big deal because they have a double standard.

    This women should be prosecuted. KRON should be forced to respond to fallout and threats they have perpetuated against people working for the club.

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