3-Nov-2022 (Thu) Wherein we just wanted her to leave

Tonight KRON 4 ran some incredibly irresponsible and incorrect coverage of the incident on Saturday.

They called what happened a "chokehold", which it was not, as anyone with experience could have told them. The video clearly shows our staff member securing the woman with an arm across the top of her chest and hands on her shoulder to prevent pressure on her throat or constriction of her breathing.

Characterizing it as a chokehold is not only factually incorrect and inflammatory, it directly endangers our staff members who proceeded correctly in restraining an out-of-control, violent assailant -- without endangering her safety -- and while waiting for the arrival of the police.

And again, staff members declined to press charges against her and the other attacker because our desire was to end the immediate incident, not to endanger anyone involved by escalating with further police involvement.

We hope KRON intends to take steps to mitigate the situation that they have now helped to inflame.

Look, it is easy to just assume that there was excessive force, but the truth is that this woman had already assaulted several people and needed to be restrained to prevent her from continuing to harm others. It is our genuine belief that if we had ceased restraining her, she would have immediately reinstigated violence that could have escalated to a situation endangering not just our staff but the crowd of bystanders.

All of our staff are incredibly shaken up by this, and in spite of all the yelling in that video, at no point did anyone disregard the safety of the woman being restrained.

We cannot change what some of you will think. We can only tell you, this is the truth of what happened.

Update: We have surveillance footage.

6 Responses:

  1. Scorchio says:

    From a neutral point of view (but long time reader), twitter-blocking people on this really doesn't look good.

    • jwz says:

      When someone's first comment out of the gate is to call us liars and racists, they're not interested in having a conversation and there's no reason to amplify or platform their invective.

      You don't owe trolls your time or attention. Block early, block often. They have plenty of other outlets to exercise their "free speech".

      • pikagirl says:

        Just look at her comments under the original Instagram post, no quality conversation to be found there. She did prove she's the exact kind of person to start and escalate conflict with security based on the malicious language she used towards people with legitimate questions

  2. D says:

    I enjoy this venue and it saddens me to hear that this happened.  When staff ask you to leave an establishment you should do what they say.  I hope everyone is ok.  I think this persons ego is hurt from the circulating video and that's  pushing the narative, caught on video intoxicated and unruly.  I don't doubt this person was upset about being wrestled down but no one deserves to be attacked. When you're asked to leave you should do just that.  I've never had a problem with staff at DNA.  It's a great place to catch live music.  Hope everyone can make peace and move on.

  3. O Starfish says:

    While I wasn't there to witness what happened, I can attest to the fact that when I got way too drunk at your club pre-pandemic, and I tried to punch this guy in the face who shoved me from behind, your security did not put me in a chokehold. They restrained me from behind with an arm across the top of my chest (like you described above) and pulled me back just enough that my punch went nowhere fast haha. The video of this woman's restraint looks like what happened to me (except I was standing). And I have to say that later, upon sober reflection of my embarrassing misbehavior the night before, I felt impressed by your security dude. He did just enough to stop me from causing a ruckus and that's all. Other clubs have WAY worse staff (i.e Slim's and the Warfield employ(ed) major assholes, nuff said). Adding to this - I've never seen your staff act like douchebags to anyone and I've gone to your club on and off for decades.

  4. Line Noise says:

    I don't know you, Jamie, other than reading your blog posts for 20+ years, but I get the impression that any form of excessive force from your staff is something you would not tolerate.

    However, if someone knocked me unconscious I would totally be pressing charges. The number of times I hear about "one punch deaths" outside nightclubs, I'd be pressing for attempted murder.

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