30-Oct-2022 (Sun) Wherein old man yells at rabbit.

Saturday night, we had a Bad Bunny-themed Halloween party. We were very much not alone in this. I am told that there were six other Bad Bunny-themed parties in San Francisco this weekend, and four of them were on Saturday.

Despite this, our party sold out the day before; and then we put more tickets on sale; and then it sold out again early in the day. It also sold more than 4× as many advance tickets as any of our other Halloween weekend events.

Reader, I am baffled by this, as I have never heard of Bad Bunny.

I mean, except for the fact that we've done a few parties with this theme, and people keep showing up by the thousands. And no, I'm not going to spoil it by googling him. I'm gonna see how long I can let this ride.

Anyway, what do you think happens when the ticket page changes to say:

SOLD OUT! Extremely limited tickets will be available at the door.

If you guessed "we start getting text messages", you are perceptive and wise. A sampling:

  • "Hi! I was going to buy 2 Bad Bunny tickets wayyyy earlier today but had to wait to get my wallet. I finally got access to it but I see that tickets are sold out online. Is it possible to buy some of the limited at-door tickets? If not, what time do you advise we arrive to have a good chance at the door? Thank you!"

  • "hi. i was trying to purchase the bad bunny ticket but it says sold out. how limited are tickets at the door?"
    "any chance one can be put on hold?"

  • "Hi. Is there any tickets available for the bad bunny event tonight?"

  • "Hi are their still going yo be tickets at the front door?"

  • "Hey there! Do you still have tickets for the show tonight at the door?"

  • "hey i seen the tickets are sold out but what are the chances of getting one more ticket for a friend, we already have a group going in! pls let me know!"

  • "Hello will there be door ticket sales?"
    "For bad bunny"

  • "Hi! My name is Nicole, I'm interested in attending your event tonight, October 29th. I saw online that it is sold out. Are tickets being sold at the door? Is there a line to get in?"

And the best one, the absolute best one, at 12:40 AM on a sold out Saturday night:

  • "Is there a line right now"

6 Responses:

  1. Baloo Uriza says:

    Equally confusing, apparently has nothing to do with furries.  Figured it was similar to Frolic.

    • Karellen says:

      Equally confusing, apparently has nothing to do with Frank from Donnie Darko. I was imagining a whole nightclub full of them - now that's what I call a hallowe'en party!

  2. Elusis says:

    Sadly the crowd is, I would assume, nothing like the Gram Rabbit crowd.

  3. Andrew Klossner says:

    A sold-out show with people clamoring for tickets. What a wonderful problem to have.

    Halloween doesn't seem to be an integral part of Bad Bunny, so perhaps more shows with this theme can be equally successful.

  4. Matt Lee says:

    I have no idea either but is this something you could run on a regular basis?

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