6-Jul-2022 (Wed) Wherein it's last call for laptop stickers

We're down to the last couple dozen DNA Lounge die-cut foil laptop stickers, and there is no longer anyone on the planet capable of manufacturing these, so get them before they are gone...

You may recall that I spent years trying to source these. These stickers are designed to go over the glowing Apple logo on your laptop: the DNA logo lights up with no "Ghost Apple" as with other stickers.

But, that source has now dried up. And also, Apple stopped making their laptop logos light up in 2017, so maybe it doesn't matter any more.

These stickers join our pile of DNA Lounge merch unobtainium along with the late, lamented dog tags and dazzle masks.

Anyway, let's clear out some product, ok?

Update: Wow, that didn't take long! They're all gone now, thank you very much. And because we've cleared those out, I've put out new foil stickers on sale. These are solid (no cut-out) and come in both brushed metal and rainbow holographic:

Also I've added a couple of merch packs in case you're feeling too much Freedom of Choice.

And please join us for this weekend's events:

3 Responses:

  1. Rob Rogerson says:

    Will this work with the light up logo on my Dell?

  2. Chris says:

    There's apparently a market of "glow-in-the-dark apple logo sticker" on etsy/ebay - if one really felt nostalgic and had a 2017+ macbook I guess they could use the dna lounge sticker on top of the apple logo sticker?

  3. Brian says:

    We have an actual engraver here at work that works on metal.  Can you send me the logo image that you used for the dog tags so I can see what I can make?  If it looks good, I'll send you one.

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