1-Jun-2022 (Wed) Wherein there are photos

Nothing much to report lately, so how about a photo roundup?

Bear Grillz
Olivia Rodrigo Spring Fling
Death Guild: DGXXIX
D.O.A. + The Death Set
Undersea Hubba

John 5 + The Haxans
Star Crash: Glass Spells + Terabyte + Ponyskull + Kristeen Young
Nascar Aloe + Death Tour
Front Line Assembly + Rein

Brujeria + Goatwhore + Unidad Trauma
Turbo Drive: Moris Blak + Street Cleaner + Watch Out For Snakes
Monday Hubba: Royal Velvet Revue
Slater + Madge + Lealani

The Egyptian Lover
The Doja Cat Disco
Hubba Hubba Time Machine

And coming up this week:

Betamaxx & Parallels
Suffocation + Atheist
House Pop-Up Party
Also Friday

Red: The Taylor Swift Dance Party
Catacombs of Riddim
Also Saturday
Jungle Rot + Internal Bleeding
9 Jun 2022 (Thu)
Dystopia DnB
10 Jun 2022 (Fri)

4 Responses:

  1. prefetch says:

    Hey - a sign! Nice one. When did that happen?

      • prefetch says:

        Well, this is mildly concerning. There was a recent* lament that new [thing] would only cost $5k, but that there would always be more pressing things to spend $5k on in the club.
        Was [thing] not a sign? Could have sworn it was a sign.

        In any case, it shall remain, your faithful, a nice one.

        *for contemporary definitions of 'recent' - it might have been 4 years ago...

  2. MetaRZA says:

    I don't know why, but the fact Front Line Assembly are still doing shows makes me feel both old but also happy.

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