14-Oct-2021 (Thu) Wherein a winnar is us!

As foretold by prophecy, you the people have once again declared DNA Lounge to be "Best Nightclub", Bootie Mashup to be "Best Dance Party" and Hubba Hubba Revue to be "Best Burlesque" in the 2021 Best of the Bay.

(Best Dance Party runner-up: Death Guild.)

Thank you again for your support!

If you want to see what the fuss is about, well, this is a good weekend for it! This Saturday at 7pm, Hubba Hubba Revue presents Murder Mansion!

And directly following, and every Saturday, we have Bootie Mashup, this week presenting a tribute to oldies from the 2010s.

I also strongly recommend Turbo Drive on Friday, with Night Club, One True God, and a secret special guest. It will be a great show!

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