9-Sep-2021 (Thu) Wherein it's time for you to VOTE!

Ok, first of all, please vote NO on the stupid Republican recall of Newsom. I am no Newsom fan, but if the recall succeeds we're going to have a batshit insane horse-paste MAGA radio host who doesn't believe in vaccines in charge of the world's 5th largest economy. And that would be bad, mmmkay?

Apparently only 24% of the mailed ballots have been returned. It's sitting right there on your desk. Vote NO, mail it. The ballot only has two questions on it, and the second one doesn't matter.


It's Best of the Bay time again. Vote for us! Categories for your consideration:

  • Best Takeout: DNA Pizza
  • Best Pizza: DNA Pizza
  • Best Overall Bar: DNA Lounge
  • Best Dance Company: Hubba Hubba Revue
  • Best Theatre Company: Hubba Hubba Revue
  • Best Performance Space: DNA Lounge
  • Best Live Music Venue: DNA Lounge
  • Best Nightclub: DNA Lounge
  • Best Dance Party: Bootie SF, Turbo Drive, Cyberdelia, So Stoked, Wasted, Sequence, Death Guild...
  • Best Burlesque: Hubba Hubba Revue
  • Nightclub trying hardest to keep you alive during a global pandemic: DNA Lounge

Ok, that last one isn't a real category, but it should be.

One Response:

  1. Mary says:

    Actually, the last one IS a real category. I want to send a heartfelt note of gratitude to the amazing staff at DNA Lounge who were working the “Mortified” show on Friday evening. The friend I went with wandered off almost as soon as we were seated and I didn’t know where she had gone.

    A woman who said she was in the show found me just minutes before she was to go onstage and let me know my friend needed help. I went outside to find my friend extremely drunk, disoriented and incoherent. She fell on the sidewalk, hit her head and had a gash on her nose that looked like it may need stitches.

    I asked the doorman for first aid and a staff member brought antiseptic, cleaned the wound and applied a butterfly bandage. I couldn’t get a signal to call Lyft and another staff member helped place the call. Another helped the driver and me get my friend into the car.

    I wish I knew the name of every individual who helped me that night so I could send a personal thank you. I am so impressed and touched by the care, compassion and professionalism of the entire team. Many, many thanks -- I’m very grateful to you all.

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