14-Jun-2021 (Mon) Wherein we re-open in FOUR DAYS!

Aaaaahhhhhh it's almost time!!

Thanks to another extremely generous donor, we were able to re-surface the main stage, in the same manner as the dance floor! For the first time in the stage's 32 year life, it is actuallly level, and that weird bump in the middle (from a solitary glass block that used to poke through) is gone.

Last year I put out a call for people who wanted to paint murals on some of our blank walls, but nothing really came of that, so last week I painted some chevrons on the balcony:

I'd still like to get something painted on the walls inside the DNA Pizza and Above DNA restrooms, if only to cut down on the tagging. If you want to volunteer, let us know!

Oh yeah, and since I mentioned last week that we could maybe give some old chandeliers a good home, three have shown up already! Apparently I underestimated the prevalence of the problem: "Why do I have this chandelier, please get it out of my garage". Keep 'em coming.

All the beer kegs have arrived, and they finally took away all of our year-old kegs full of spoiled product (something like $7k in spoilage). However, it's still far from certain that we're going to have draught beer on opening night. We still need to get the lines cleaned, the glycol system un-hibernated, and the kegs actually hooked up to our new CO2 tank, and when the beer distributor's contractors came in to do those things, they found a series of excuses to "come back later", as they nearly always do. So we might be bottles-only for a little while. I'm not too stressed about that, though, because never in the history of bars has someone said, "Oh, you don't have anything on tap? I find that I am no longer thirsty."

I am also eagerly awaiting word on whether on opening night we will have front doors that actually lock or whether we will be screw-gunning them closed every night. Early in lockdown, someone really went to town on our doors with a crowbar. They were not able to break in, but they did manage to completely destroy the doors, the closures, and the frame, and so for the last 14 months, the doors have been welded shut and boarded up. But now we'd sure like them to work again...

I am assured that "parts have been ordered" and that "they should be here soon". I agree! I agree that they "should"! But, we're assuming it's gonna be a screw gun scenario.

You probably cannot imagine, or maybe you can, how insanely fucking expensive secure doors with panic hardware are. So thanks for that, Incompetent Burglar.

But look at this, we have a calendar again! These are just the events in the next two weeks! And ticket sales have been pretty good so far, so maybe people will actually show up?

We hope to see you all soon...

Friday, Opening Night:
Turbo Drive & 8bitSF
Saturday Early:
Hubba Hubba: Juneteenth
Saturday Late:
Bootie Mashup
Also Saturday Late:
Lower Underground
Death Guild, The Return
Apothecary Raree
Next Friday:
So Stoked For Pride
Next Friday:
LGBooTie Pride
Also Next Friday:
Fake & Gay
Thu Jul 1:
Sequence: Monxx
Fri Jul 2:
Moombahton y Reggaeton
Also Fri Jul 2:
Street Fever

11 Responses:

  1. Jacob says:

    Hey, did you mean, “went to town” instead of “went to down?”

    Anyway, glad you’re reopening!

  2. First Danny Elfman and now the DNA are back! This is going to be such a great year.

    Probably I won't be able to leave my country (nor being accepted in yours) for quite some time so I'll just pour money every time I watch your livestreams.

  3. roo says:

    dig the chevrons- form and function.

    If you're still looking for artists, let me know and I will put word out through my network.

  4. robert_ says:

    Having read about all your woes with suppliers and tradesmen, is it a USA-wide thing or just a SF thing where they are either incompetent or just plain disinterested in providing a service?

    • corwyn says:

      It's almost all larger cities, sigh. Can't get parts, brought the wrong parts (even though you told them the right info), ran into a problem, don't want to stay an extra 20 minutes to finish the job, etc. -Not- that I'm bitter about this.

    • Nate says:

      There are a number of different factors here. Cost of living is high, so you have someone coming out from the suburbs. They don't have the right part on their truck so they come back another time. The really good people are locked up on large projects that pay a lot more than one-off small repairs. Everyone is doing major renovations on their houses. Even general contractors are making more buying, fixing, and flipping properties than doing the work directly.

    • jwz says:

      Well, in the case of distributors, it's because they're basically monopolies, and have the level of customer service that always implies. "We don't care, we don't have to."

  5. nooj says:


  6. MC says:

    I don't even drink, but the thought of $7k of product going to waste makes me sad. I thought beer just got more beer-ish over time. I'm guessing it's illegal in SF to give away beer, and that doing so would have created a pandemic-cluster.

  7. Dude says:

    How was the first night re-opened? (I'll be there for Juneteenth-Hubba Hubba tonight. 💃🏿)

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