6-Jun-2021 (Sun) Wherein we value your feedback

One of life's simple joys is pointing a video camera at a TV. We should all do that more often. We recently got a screaming deal on this gargantuan 75" TV, so we turned it into an instagram trap under the main stairs. I think it's going to be very popular! "What software does it use?" None, it uses none software.

Video feedback works better if it stays in the analog domain, as with 30+ year old camcorders and CRTs rather than that four letter word "HDMI", but one does what one can.

Hey, here's an interior decoration project maybe one of you could help us out with. The Green Room, that room to the South of the Lounge that you enter from the stage-left stairs, has always been less inviting than we'd like. People treat it as more of a hallway than as a place to hang out. I think it could use a bunch of overstuffed thrift-shop couches and chairs -- really gaudy stuff -- and also a shitload of chandeliers. It has a surprisingly high ceiling, and I think that filling that space with dozens of chandeliers might look pretty cool.

So, if you are a person who already has the hobby of frequenting thrift shops and estate sales, I'd love to give you a small monthly budget for broken down chandeliers and couches to dress up that room. (The couches, I assume, won't long survive contact with the enemy and will need to be periodically replenished.)

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  1. Matt Flynn says:

    I like this idea for that room a lot! I'm not sure I have time/bandwidth to haul furniture at my advancing age..but I'd be glad to help look on craigslist and other places for this kind of stuff. Also, I'd position the back of a sofa to divide the space, leaving a walkway if there is space to do that. A love seat might work well for that. Then you could arrange most of the room in conversation pit/ chill out room.

    BTW/Thanks for staying the distance on the DNA, I'd be lost if I could not see the fun freaky people at Deathguild which has become a spiritual bolster for me as SF has changed so much.

  2. Tyler says:

    Please tell me you're using the Sony camera you found in the ceiling. That thing has earned the right to keep going.

    • jwz says:

      It looked bad. The NTSC to HDMI conversion wiped away all its inherent charm.

    • Ken Kennedy says:

      I love that you stood up for that camera...I did indeed want it to go on indefinitely! Practicalities may differ, but I loved that camera's story!

  3. Binky the Tormented says:

    Here's a chandelier that's literally DNA-like... replace the lights with green ones and you're all set.


  4. I says:

    Ok, that sounds like a fun challenge, when's a good time to swing by and get an idea of what you're looking for?

  5. We might have a couple of old chandeliers that are just sitting here doing nothing. Want them?

    • jwz says:

      Absolutely! We've had 3 show up already. Apparently "why do I have this, please get this fucking chandelier out of my garage" is a more common problem than I expected.

  6. ailepet says:

    Do the people walking before the instagram trap have a way to look at themselves without turning their back to the camera? It looks like the lady in the video can see what she is doing.

  7. margaret says:

    that's funky.

  8. NickiK says:

    I’d be interested in painting some murals at DNA. I missed seeing the earlier call for murals. As one of the regular stage dancers at Death Guild, I’m enormously grateful that the stage has been resurfaced! My turn to contribute if you’d like.

    I’m a natural history illustrator and former theater scenic artist. I painted a 20’+ long Mediterranean scene for a restaurant some years back, but I think my more recent dark field microscopy inspired work might fit better here. Maybe incorporate fluorescence. Anti-graffiti sealants help too. Drop me an email.


  9. ailepet says:

    Well, it's way too late for you but since I've asked for it two weeks ago and they finally sent me it, here it is: https://git.laquadrature.net/klorydryk/facialrecotrackingscore

  10. Julian Calaby says:

    If anyone asks for the code, you could just point them to this: https://github.com/kelseyhightower/nocode/

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