24-May-2021 (Mon)
Wherein the construction will continue until morale improves.

Here's a final photo of our new dance floor, after being painted and before anyone has thrown up on it, or dragged a road case across it where half of the wheels have been replaced with jagged pieces of sheet metal:

We re-surfaced the Above DNA stage. No more burlesque performers complaining about getting splinters in their butts!

We replaced the floor in our walk-in fridge. Ten years of dragging beer kegs over it took quite a toll:

And we built a new VIP booth. We've replaced the two upstairs 6-person booths with a single 9-person booth. It's raised on a platform like downstairs, and has three benches and is a bit more enclosed than the others:

Only 35 more days until we get to invite you back inside!

2 Responses:

  1. Isis Starr says:

    Looks beautiful 🤩❤️

  2. Atiko says:

    So Exited to be soon back @ DNA !! and super glad you guys still here!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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