15-May-2021 (Sat) Wherein we are re-opening!

Ladies and Gentlemen, DNA Lounge will be open for your indoors, in-person festivities on Saturday, June 19th!

Our lineup that evening begins with Hubba Hubba Revue at 7pm, the full, seated Big Show; then at 10pm, we bring you the triumphant return of Bootie Mashup! And in Above DNA, Xile Collective presents Lower Underground!

Obviously the Feds or the State might pull the rug out from under us on this, but our understanding as of today is that in mid June, all restrictions will be lifted in California, and we get to party like it's 2019. Or, "The Full Florida", as I've been calling it.

We are all incredibly excited to invite you back into our house, show you our lovely remodeling and upgrades, and return to something like normalcy -- after having been closed for (what will have been) fourteen months!

I'm sure you have questions. I probably don't have answers. We're all still figuring this out.

Tickets are on sale now.

Oh yeah, and also we're hiring!

10 Responses:

  1. Carlos says:

    Just want to wish you the best of luck, and congratulations!

    I'd come to the grand re-opening, but I'm thousands of kilometers away.


  2. Treeko says:

    Huzzah! :) Onwards and upwards.

  3. the hatter says:

    Excellent news, best of luck with it all. Hope everyone empties their lockdown savings into your tills, and a good time is had by all

  4. Lloyd says:

    Great, now Xscreensaver development is going to grind to a halt.

  5. mattl says:

    All things willing, I'll be there June 19th 2022!

  6. Smear says:

    No masks?

  7. Wolfgang Helmer says:

    Hi from Germany! We are not allowed to open locations as yours, but we are hopeful. Too much people in our cities have party without prevention. They are stupid and dangerous. Good Luck to San Francisco, good luck to all people around the world, stay patient and protect yourself

    • Adriana A says:

      Yeah, I actually moved to Berlin three months ago because I couldn't throw Bootie Mashup parties in San Francisco, and now I have to move back already because Germany is still in lockdown while California is opening up. Crazy!

  8. matt says:

    I hope you make a million dollars.

  9. Jeff Bell says:

    It’s a Juneteenth miracle !

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