11-Mar-2021 (Thu) Wherein the DNA Pizza Anniversary Special is extended!

Our DNA Pizza Tenth Anniversary Special was pretty popular yesterday, so we're extending it though the weekend! All appetizers are half price.

Order now for pick-up or delivery. We are open from 4pm - 10pm every day.

And don't forget to check out our webcasts: we have six free webcast shows over the next five days:

  • Have you noticed the gigantic 3D grid of lights that has been taking up most of our stage during many of our recent webcasts? It's called The Qube and tonight at 7pm, its creators will be putting it through its paces.

  • Following that at 8pm, another installment of Apothecary Raree, our electroswing-themed burlesque and variety show.

  • Tomorrow night: Turbo Drive, live DJ sets from the main stage for all your synthwave needs.

  • Saturday: Bootie DJs in a rare main room live appearance.

  • Sunday, 4pm: The Warehouse Connection, live house and techno DJs on the main stage.

  • And of course Death Guild every Monday.

The only way we can continue bringing you these free live streams is with your continued donations. There has been a lot of talk about financial support from San Francisco or from the Feds, but so far not a dime of that money has materialized, and there is not even a timeline for that money appearing, let alone a timeline for reopening. So the only way we can wait out the pandemic is with your financial support.

So please make a donation, contribute to our Patreon, and order our delicious pizza, appetizers, pre-mixed cocktails, and DNA Lounge brand liquor.