22-Dec-2020 (Tue)
Wherein we've got a webcast that yule love.

Please tune in on on Christmas for the first annual DNA Lounge Yule Log, running for twenty-four hours, midnight to midnight on December 25th! There will also be music along with it -- your requests, via the DNA Pizza Interweb Jukebox -- as well as some hilarious surprises throughout the day.

The original televised Yule Log, airing on NYC's WPIX in 1966, was a 17 second loop of 16mm film. They later remastered it to a whopping six minutes and three seconds. Ours is a bit longer than that.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time editing this together, so I hope you enjoy it.

Keep the fires buring with your donations!

By the way, DNA Pizza is closed today through Friday. We'll be back on Saturday.

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