16-Dec-2020 (Wed)
Wherein pineapple on pizza is good, actually.

So I gather there's this new video game about some "Cyber" punks walking around with their dongs and titties hanging out like it's the Folsom Street Fair (is shirtcocking punk rock now?)

Anyway, this game tells us that in the dystopian future, pineapple on pizza is illegal.

That's how you know it's a dystopia, folks.

I guess that's one way that their dystopian cyberpunk "future" differs from our dystopian cyberpunk present.

So order some DNA Pizza today. Open for pickup or delivery every day from 4pm to 10pm. The Fancy Hawaiian is great. And very fancy.

8 Responses:

  1. G says:

    So... what qualifies as "pineapple-adjacent"?

  2. Zilch says:

    Wish y'all delivered that deliciousness to the east bay...

  3. typo fix says:

    fix the typo: new video game

  4. Milt says:

    I don't know how pineapple pizza got such a bad name. Pineapple, ham, some hot peppers, heaven. (Eats a weird live frog thing, continues yanking Princess Leia around)

    • Elusis says:

      Pineapple, pepperoni, black olives, now thatza pizza!

      Some guys' fragile masculinity just can't stand up to a little fruit.

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