12-Dec-2020 (Sat) Wherein we're walk-in in a winter wonderland

In hope of reducing our electricity bill, which is still inexplicably enormous even though we're barely using the lights and amps, we've put the club-side walk-in fridge into cryosleep. There's another walk-in on the restaurant side, but the club walk-in is primarily for kegs and bottles.

It's not as simple as just turning it off, though -- why should anything be simple -- there's this whole procedure you have to go through to furlough the glycol system and beer lines, or bad things happen.

So check out that floor! That's what dragging a few decades worth of beer kegs across a sheet-metal floor does to it!

Devon made you some new desktop background images:

2 Responses:

  1. A lot of electricity suppliers don’t bother to connect the meters to the billong apparatus. In London this is a huge problem so I would suggest that if it's a major cost issue you should check that the meters are running and call up the billing department if there's an issue. In my building in London some clown jumped the meter and I was almost on the hook for about 2 years worth of electricity they'd stolen - probably growing pot or something, who knows.

    I just wanted to pop by and say thanks for getting X Screensaver onto Android, it really made my otherwise quite shitty day.

  2. K J says:

    Also if you're feeling adventuresome and DIY-ish pick up a clamp ammeter (they are only about $30 for a basic one) and walk through the panels checking the current on each wire. You might find some mystery high draws that you could kill, and it's a relatively safe thing to do if you're not an idiot when the front is off the panel.

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