11-Aug-2020 (Tue) Wherein there's another Slim's development to ruin your day

Hey, were you hoping that maybe someone would buy Slim's from Golden Voice and someday bring back that venerable stage that was so important to our local music scene? Sorry, 2020 isn't done shitting on everything you love just yet. It looks like Slim's is going to be renamed "YOLO" and be operated by someone called "Pimp Group LLC". I have no inside knowledge of this, but if I were a betting person I would put money on this being a bottle-service "Ultra Lounge".

Remember that time I tried to resurrect another local live music venue that had been turned into an "Ultra Lounge", failed at that spectacularly, and then it turned into a sports bar that lasted less than a year? Yeah, good times, good times.

Fun fact, "Ultra Lounge" is usually a synonym for "money laundry". If you watched Breaking Bad, it's the same con as the carwash. That venue you walked by that had been there for years but seemed to only be open once every six weeks? Like that.

If you don't want DNA Lounge to be replaced by a Pottery Barn, or worse, an Ultra Lounge, maybe kick in to our Patreon or something, I dunno.

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  1. Alius Ratio says:

    The same people who formed "Pimp Group" had an Ultra Lounge in Sunnyvale under a different LLC. It appears to be a bunch of Doctors financing it with possibly the kids running it.

    • Andrew says:

      I went to an event at Pure Nightclub in Sunnyvale last year. It was okay, nothing special. However, when the Bollywood started playing the dance floor was a lot of fun.

  2. Person Person says:

    Studio 8 in San Jose was a notorious money laundering ultra lounge.
    It was a MASSIVE venue that on any given Friday / satuday night only had 10-15 people inside. They would fly in major DJs and celebs. But still the dance floor was empty. It went through 3-4 name changes over a decade. Pretty much anything the yelp reviews dipped under 2 stars.

    For the longest time I could not understand how that place stayed open. There was no way it could be making profit. Then I realized the owner also owned the stip clup with the street (also empty) and another bar a few blocks down (also empty). They tried to open a 4th venue but the city denied them a permit because they always had too many spots open.

    I later got hip that it was a front to some other illicit activity.

    • Kris says:

      this is interesting; didnt know these kinds of clubs were used for that

      • David Kaye says:

        Cash businesses are used for money laundering. That is, illegally gotten money such as from drug sales needs to look "clean" before it can be deposited in banks. So, someone opens a venue and it doesn't have to make any money because the owners run their cash through the business claiming that, say, 300 people paying $50 apiece came in on Saturday night. Unless the IRS or state tax collectors are actually at the venue that night they're not going to know if people came in and paid that money.

        Money laundering is also done with real estate. Notice how many cash transactions there are in buying property. No, it's not "rich tech entrepreneurs" because they get paid in stock. It's illegal money from mob activity in Russia and China. They pay cash, then they borrow against the house or sell it, and there's an instant paper trail, making the money look legit.

  3. Matt Flynn says:

    I was looking to donate a one time donation in addition to my patreon monthly. Unfortunately Patreon only takes monthly donations. Maybe it would be a good idea to publish a Paypal or other place one time donations could be sent.

  4. Elusis says:

    I would like to personally punch in the nuts every guy in the universe who thinks it's clever or cool to call himself or his ventures "pimp."

    (I am always able to find that article by searching for Denver, Westword, and the phrase "trunk a bitch." [flips table])

  5. Andrew says:

    Seriously though, calling it YOLO in Common Era Twenty Twenty seems like asking for trouble.

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