6-Aug-2020 (Thu) Wherein we had our first live burlesque show during lockdown!

Last week we did our first quarantined live show at the club: Apothecary Raree! We've been doing DJ sets from the main stage pretty regularly but this was the first one with real performers.

We recorded about half of the acts the night before, and did the rest live from the main stage. That gave us time to turn over the stage without anyone needing to get too close to each other. It was a short show, only an hour of acts, not counting the DJ before and after, but it went pretty well!

To my great surprise, I was able to upload the show to Youtube. It got dozens of Content-ID hits, but it looks like it's not actually blocked? Yet? I hate you, Milkman Youtube.

We hope to do more of this kind of thing, mostly because we're all going crazy doing nothing! But lest anyone mistake this for a business model -- it's not. It's a small way we can put a little joy out into this dystopian hellscape we're all living through. But it's not a business. The tiny amount we take in via the "Donate" button might cover our bandwidth and staffing costs, but that's about it. And we're still paying rent and insurance on a big empty building.

We've managed to turn this place into a nice little TV studio in the meantime, though. Besides the existing webcast cameras we've also got a mobile recording rig that lets us do more complicated shots. And we've got projection mapping all over the place, which looks just fantastic. Now we're trying to find ways to use it that make sense. And don't kill anybody. And... maybe pay some bills? But probably not.

We've got live DJs tonight: Sound Breaker, Gabber and doomcore with DJs Reinforcer and Pyramidhead. Our DJ webcasts have mostly had a pretty good "turnout", and the chat has been really active, especially at Death Guild, Star Crash and Turbo Drive. Come hang out!

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