28-Jun-2020 (Sun) Wherein we want your art on our walls.

During this interminable lockdown, we've been doing a lot of repairs and improvements inside the club. Maybe someday we'll be allowed to let you back inside and show it to you.

Anyway, we were thinking that now is a good time to have someone paint some murals to liven up some of our blank walls. We've got a number of good spots for it: the walls on the balcony, next to and across from coat check; the lounge wall behind the DJ booth; the wall under the stairs where the satellite bar used to be; the green room; the restrooms; the pizza hallway; and maybe others I haven't thought of. We don't have anything very specific in mind, but we do have a lot of blank space.

Do you paint big murals? Let's talk. This is a paying gig.

A few photos...

Here are the freshly painted Above DNA stairs, and the arcade nook, both with color-addressable lighting:

The copper cladding in the restaurant is shiny again, and the floor tiles are immaculate. We also repainted the front of the building on the Pizza side, and the entry alcove.

We were going to paint the boarded-up pizza window to look like a floppy disk, but then someone put this George Floyd stencil on it, so, that can stay.

The walls and floors in Dazzle and the Lounge are looking pretty fine:

Look at the paint job on this gogo box, just sitting here lonely, waiting for you to come in and fuck it up!

10 Responses:

  1. Schjlatah says:

    I'm not like, a "real artist", but I love spray painting and have wanted to do a mural.
    If there is a spare wall, I'd LOVE to make a mess.

    There is no way I would ask for any payment.
    Don't let me take any spots from any other interested artists.

  2. Alora says:

    I'd love to paint a mural!!! Please let me have a wall! I'd love to paint something death guild themed!

  3. Lloyd says:

    Does the satellite bar have any satellites? Or depictions of satellites?

    Asking for a friend.

  4. I am a professional muralist and faux finisher. I can paint anything you want. I can work out designs with you. Please check out my blog, the halloween murals in particular. sandi@studiosandi.com

  5. Ernest doty says:

    I am a mural artist and would love to rock a wall or 2. @ernestdoty @lorddotycbs are my 2 ig pages

  6. Angel Ruiz says:

    Im an artist. And paint big murals. Look up my work at Angelartanddesign@instagram. Can get in contact with me through there if interested in talking

  7. YouBeen Kim says:

    Hello DNA Lounge team,

    My name is YouBeen. I'm a painter from Seoul, South Korea. Currently residing in Oakland. My friend, Sean Brennan, told me about this mural job posting. I have just started doing mural gigs from painting commision works and showing at galleries in the bay area. I'd be highly interested in painting one of these walls. Please let me know if you have any questions, I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

  8. Fiamma says:

    I am a Bay Area native artist who just painted a mural in downtown Oakland in support of BLM. Normally I am a print-maker and graphic designer, however I also can go large with my mural painting. The BLM mural can be seen on my IG account @fgprintdesigns and was featured in a few local news stories. Obviously a more dark setting would call for a slightly different color pallet and perhaps another interesting theme (or just a visually appealing) than the last mural I did, and that would be open to discussion, brainstorming and ideas. My other work can be seen my website http://www.fiammagiger.com and my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/FGprintdesigns/ to give you a good sense of what my style is like. I was informed of this opportunity by a friend and have been a long-time DNA lounge patron, friend of death guild and lover of Hubba Hubba. I would love to be considered for a chance to paint a mural in the club.
    Thank you,

  9. Hi, I’m very interested in painting a mural for you. I am a muralist and fine art painter. One can visit my website or instagram to view my mural work and paintings. I was recommended this opportunity by Thomas Lorde. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you, Felicia

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