16-May-2020 (Sat) Wherein COVID-19 is likely to finish the job that Live Nation and Golden Voice started.

One of the most likely outcomes of this pandemic is that the vast majority of independently-owned venues will go out of business, wiping the slate clean for multinational superpredators Live Nation and Golden Voice to fill those voids. That's been their mission for years, and this can only accelerate it.

Their M.O. has long been to wait until an independent venue is in financial trouble, and then take it over and either turn it into an undifferentiated franchise, or simply disassemble it, as they recently did with Slim's.

So all venues will be Live Nation, just like all restaurants will be Taco Bell (or Ruth's Chris Steak House).

With No Timeline for Reopening, SF's Independent Venues Seek Lifeline

Bedard worries that smaller venues without backing from Live Nation or Goldenvoice, diversified corporations with credit lines deep enough to weather the storm (though not without layoffs), will shutter before they're able to adapt. It could be "financially less ruinous," Bedard said, for venues to close than to continue operating at a loss whenever the concert restrictions lift. [...]

Independent venues closing could also solidify the controversial expansion of Live Nation and AEG, parent company of Coachella promoter Goldenvoice, into the local concert market.

Live Nation, which operates the Fillmore Auditorium, the Masonic, and August Hall, can burn $150 million a month for the rest of the year "without any concern," company president Joe Berchtold told Billboard.

$150,000,000 a month. A month.


Buy some pizza, ok? Best if ordered for pick-up by phone at 415-626-0166 so that we don't have to give away almost our entire margin to the extortionate delivery services.

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  1. Bryan Manternach says:

    I wish I could order a pizza delivered this far south (Near Santta Cruz) Your liquor as well. If a currier service becomes available , do let me know. I'm hesitant to break quarantine for a 4 hour road trip for a pizza just yet, but when I do, I'm buying all the booze too.

    • Kay says:

      I'll fly down with a pelican case (for the booze) and an appetite and we can make a day trip of it.

  2. Evan says:

    Hey Jamie, where can we dump you some cash if we’re outside of deliver range? I don’t want to confuse the person taking the order.

    • Evan says:

      I see the links on the main lockdown page now! Cash dumping.

      • Jesper says:

        I did this too.

        I had to fill out the billing address manually, that is to say autofill didn't work. "Retention"/"Conversion"/"Throw up the keyboard in the air and walk away"-experts would tell you that this causes some amount of people to drop off rather than complete the process, so it may be worth looking into. (MDN/HTML5, Chrome)

  3. Michael Kirby says:

    I wish you had your own delivery people, at least temporarily during the pandemic, so I could just call directly in to you for a delivery. I'm a former delivery guy for a family pizzeria myself, I don't like using those extortionate services, and if they're eating most of your margin it's hardly worth it anyway. But I live across the city and have no car, way too far to come pick up a pizza.

    • jwz says:

      Me too, but we don't have enough deliveries for hiring our own drivers to make financial sense... There aren't any good answers here.

      • Mike Kirby says:

        Damn, there really aren't.

        Well, for whatever little bit it's worth, I'm pulling for you, and I hope a lot of others are too. I don't even go out much anymore, I'm an old guy now, but I've always really liked DNA, had a lot of memorable good times there, and believe in independent music venues above and beyond my general hatred of culture-destroying corporate behemoths, so I've been on the patreon for a long while, and will continue to order pizza through the rapacious guys for whatever little bit it helps.

        You know, the last time I ordered a pie from you, in the "special requests", I put "Make it with extra love". When it came, the box had a post-it note in it saying "We love you!!" How can I not support that?

        And all that's before I even discovered last week that you're the guy behind my favorite screen saver. (Currently Pac Man.) Thanks for all you've done, man.

  4. Jim says:

    Jamie, did your accountant get you applied for all the PPP and SBA loans with huge advances? Tell them you need the advance amount upped.

  5. Pro tip: if you have a car, and you're out and about, just drop by and buy a fancy DNA cocktail! Put it in your fridge for the next time you need a pick me up. There's ALWAYS parking these days.

  6. BAG says:

    Canadian here, come for the blog not the music. But it sounds like you've fought to keep hold of something personal for a long time and might finally lose it; I hope you hold out.

    There's basically 0% chance I will ever be in SF or visit your club, but it's nice to imagine a nightclub owned by some guy who knows C and likes to code now and then. That's all I need, is the knowledge of the existence of such a place.

  7. Liz says:

    And now the Stud announces that they aren't coming back. Here it all comes/goes. Ugh.

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