20-Mar-2020 (Fri) Wherein you can now have DNA Brand Liquor delivered to you!

In a truly shocking development, the ABC has temporarily loosened their rules on liquor delivery, so now we can deliver life-giving, sanity-preserving liquor to you at home! Not only can you order beer with your pizza delivery, but that means you can also order full bottles of our house brand DNA Lounge Vodka, DNA Lounge Gin and DNA Lounge Rum!

They are available right now on GrubHub, Doordash, and Postmates.

And because I know this is the first question I'm going to get: no, I have no idea how you can get one of these if you are outside of what the delivery services have decided is our delivery area. I can't even tell what that delivery area is, let alone how to change it. Likewise, I have no idea whether I'm allowed to just mail it. I assure you, when I know, you will know!

Also you can stop by in person and pick it up to-go from the window. Walk-up or call-in.

That aside, our experiment with keeping DNA Pizza open for deliveries has been going... not well. We had like two orders total yesterday.

Please order some pizza, or it's going to end up being cheaper for us to just be 100% closed.

It's good pizza you guys!

UPDATE! We now also deliver pre-mixed cocktails!

13 Responses:

  1. Uloixia Crystal says:

    What about pick up? No delivery service considers the peninsula part of your delivery area, but I’m happy to trot my butt up there to get pizza & rum!

  2. ssl-3 says:

    When I can drop into town from Ohio for a night for less than $100 (and we're getting there), I'll be happy to pour my ass into SF and order some pie.

    And I will bring with me all of the Wuhan Wet-Market Funks, hopefully to return with many more!

    Until then...

    • Jim says:

      I think I know this one!

      Get it before the state requisitions it for homelessness quarters. Or, if you would prefer that the homless stay there, don't!

  3. I ordered one of those 2 pizzas last night, it was good! Will try to keep ordering every now and then.

  4. nooj says:

    I'm out-of-state and I'll buy an empty bottle of DNA-brand liquor!

    I mean, I have enough liquor right now, but I love the idea of a piece of DNA merch!

    It's fine for me if it's got the "we emptied this bottle and it is no longer to be used to sell liquor" scratch at the top of the label.

    • xrayspx says:

      Seconded for sure. I'd buy a full set just to make our liquor cabinet look all cool with all the liquor we pretty much never drink.

  5. RV says:

    Ordered a pizza on Friday through Grubhub and it was exactly what I needed in all this madness. For the next order I'll have to include a bottle or three.

  6. dcapacitor says:

    I feel silly for not realizing sooner that you have merch for sale. I'm going to order some right now!

  7. Leonardo Herrera says:

    Can these be shipped overseas?

    • jwz says:

      As far as I'm aware, we're not allowed to put them in the post at all. Only local delivery.

      I might be wrong about that... If anyone out there understands the prevailing California regulations about such things, I'd love to see references!

  8. Mike Zee says:

    Haven't lived in NorCal for years. Stopped back in last year though. Was good to see our old, weekly hot-spot still operating 18yrs since our first visit. The COVID_19 impact is a bummer on all service industries. The state I am in will **receive** booze. Head-fake FedEx on some slipmats, bottle'O rum and a bottle'O vodka and I'll make it worth your while big boi. ;)

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