14-Mar-2020 (Sat) Wherein this really sucks, you guys.

Hey, remember January? That feels like it was about three years ago, right? Back in January I did a blog post about our year-plus effort, and failure, to find a way to give free flu shots to our customers at the club.

Well now, that sure seems extra topical these days, huh?


Is there a more tragic sight than a bar stripped of its liquor? It's like seeing a once-verdant hillside after a forest fire.

But at least we've got this. White gold, they call it. White gold.

9 Responses:

  1. anon says:

    Why’s it been stripped of booze?

  2. nadine //looking4silverlinings says:

    sell those rolls of toilet paper to the ppl lined up outside of Costco, and it may be a solid chunk of funds to help make up for paused bar sales... ¯\_😬_/¯

  3. How much you willing to sell one of those cans of bleach?

  4. Jeff Bell says:

    Never mind the bleach, does your tonic water have quinine?

  5. nooj says:

    A couple of states are allowing to-go liquor sales! A couple of restaurant owner friends say it's nowhere near the same, but every little bit helps. All those beer lines cris-crossing the city have to stay in use or go stale.

    May your state also see the light, and may it guide your way in these dark times.

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