10-Mar-2020 (Tue) Wherein it's our ninth pizzaversary!

DNA Pizza is nine years old today! We opened on March 10th, 2011. Maybe you wanna buy some of our totally sweet DNA Pizza posters? (DNA Pizza, your Sexy Pizza Pioneer...)

We recently tweaked our pizza sauce recipe a bit. We think it's a lot better! Have you noticed?

Since many of you are holed up at home, now is a good time for me to remind you that we deliver! We're on most of the popular delivery sites, so pick your favorite: Postmates, Doordash, Grubhub, and probably some more that I don't remember.

Also, recall that we're one of the very few pizza places where you can get delivery late at night. You want a pizza at 3am, we're there for you. (Looking at you, stoners.)

We don't do nearly as much delivery business as we should. The reason is, unfortunately, a mystery to us. A pizza restaurant that doesn't have a lot of delivery business is some weird kind of anomaly, but hey, that's us.

You may recall that we used to do deliveries in-house: we even had our own car topper! But that was difficult for many reasons, so when the "gig economy" delivery services arrived, we started using those. In the early days it was possible to hire a service to just do deliveries: we would take the order, and they would deliver it.

Then one day Uber realized that they could make more money if they forbade us from doing that, and interjected themselves between us and our customers more completely by demanding that they take the order themselves, and keep a percentage of the food order instead of just the delivery fee. They sprung this on us literally overnight, and for months after that we weren't able to do deliveries at all. Shortly thereafter, every other delivery service also transformed into a "menu" site with mandatory ordering lock-in. And our delivery business has basically never recovered since then.

(So if you were looking for another reason to never do business with Uber...)

But back to Pizza.

Speaking of pizza, as I often do, allow me to recommend this web series, "Really, Dough?" where a couple of pizza nerds argue about what is and is not "pizza". When I sent this around to my staff someone said, "Of course you sit around watching pedantic videos about New York pizza. Of course you do."

6 Responses:

  1. yetanotherone says:

    Pizzas & nerds you say?


    That's a long old web page. And an old, old web page too. 20% of it is the biochemistry of yeast. Dude knows his pizza. If they ever let me back in the USA, this place is top of my list.

  2. David Konerding says:

    The most enjoyable job I ever had was making "stone pies" (pizzas) in an Italian restaurant. I can definitely understand the process of becoming a pizza purist.

  3. Mattl says:

    I remember being in town for Creative Commons, maybe my first time in town in a decade and maybe the second time ever, I ordered a sandwich and I’m sad I’ve never been able to recreate it.

  4. Dave says:

    jwz, any chance we can get the secret sauce recipe?

  5. Leonardo Herrera says:

    I love your staff. Keepin' it real, man.

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