16-Feb-2020 (Sun) Wherein we AVOID SPIKES

We finally got the Tempest machine up and running again! That took literally a year. Also we've printed some posters of the Cyberdelia flyer since that image is so '133t. They will be for sale at the party, or you can buy them online now. (Do you have your tickets yet? Reserved seating is nearly sold out!)

Also, enjoy some photo galleries.

Hubba Hubba Holiday
Beard & Mustache Championship
Bootie NYE
ICP Ball
Hubba Hubba: Murder Mansion
Monday Hubba

¿Qiensave? + Cuevo Pérez + Impractical
Sequence: Wobbleland Pre-Party
Eliminate + Carbin
Ritual SF: Antiserum & Gladkill
Mortiis + Tomb
Star Crash: Sophia Prise + Vice Reine + Host Bodies

9 Responses:

  1. Derpatron9000 says:

    Can we expect a write up about the Tempest woes?

  2. Creech says:

    Thus event needs a Tempest competition.

  3. Jonathan says:

    A few years ago I spent a day at a retro arcade for a stag do. The Tempest machine is my fondest memory, seconded by the original Star Wars.

    If I had more space/money/time I’d try to source a tempest, and a 90s era machine, probably sega rally.

    • jwz says:

      The Star Wars machine remains a work in progress.

      Just know, if you do go down this path, that your new exotic and endangered pet is a commitment.

      And whatever you do, don't insult it by replacing the CRT with an LCD.

      • RACERX403 says:

        Glad to hear you were successful. Yes, it is a commitment. Better get your CRT purchases on while you still can. I had to give up on the full cabinet restores a few years ago. Lately I have been doing more than insulting those units too. I have been building full on MAME32 cabinets with a rotating LED screen. Congrats again.

        For more reading:
        Supply of old-fashioned CRT arcade monitors dries up:

  4. And for some strange reason, the last time I was at So Stoked at the DNA Lounge, I noticed that the Pac-man arcade machine drew enough interest that people were putting money into the machine.

  5. Jeff L says:

    Tempest was my favorite at the local arcade back in "high" school. You're truly doing the Lord's work keeping a machine alive. You may have even earned enough Karma points to run a gasp profitable night club in you next life.

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