10-Dec-2019 (Tue) Wherein some ancient Hubba lore is presented.

This Friday is the Hubba Hubba Revue Holiday Spectacular, and that reminds me of a story I don't think I've told here before.

You may be aware that most people in theatre say "break a leg" rather than "good luck". Well, here at DNA Lounge we say something else.

It is some time in the mid-oughts. One of the Hubba Hubba Revue performers is doing a bait-and-tackle show: she's doing an aerial routine where she is suspended by large meat-hooks stuck under the skin of her back. She does her routine, and as a finale, she pulls a knife out of her boot, reaches up and cuts the rope. She drops ten feet to the stage, and lays there. BOOM! Very dramatic!

Meanwhile, squatting down on the stairs to the right of the stage is the guy who was belaying her, holding the other end of the rope. Well... she never told him that this was how the act ended. So he thinks he did something wrong and now there's a dead girl on stage with her back ripped off. He's white as a sheet.

Someone goes over to him and asks if he's ok.

"I just shit my pants."
"You what??"
"I just shit my pants. I have to go."

Then he gets up, waddles out the front door, and gets in a taxi.

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why we at DNA Lounge don't say "break a leg". We say "shit your pants".

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6 Responses:

  1. Andrew says:

    "Ship my pants? For free?"

  2. Leonardo Herrera says:

    Thank you for that story. More please.

  3. Joe T. says:

    This is the kind of story that makes seeing my first Hubba at DNA tonight even better.

  4. Waider says:

    So, I read this story and thought, "funny", and moved on.

    This morning while driving, I heard a radio interview with an actress who will be in one of the Christmas pantos. And I thought of this story, and I burst out laughing.

    This evening, I related my reaction, and the original story, to my wife, who completed cracked up laughing at it.

    The point I think I'm trying to make is that it's a slow burner, but it definitely has staying power.

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