6-Dec-2019 (Fri) Wherein we have DNA Lounge branded liquor!

Vodka, Rum and Gin for now; Whiskey will be arriving next month. The labels are by our pal R. Black. Each of them is a custom blend, and we had a few of our bartenders do a taste test to pick the mix they liked best. Our drink specials for the next few months will be our staff experimenting with cocktails that compliment the new product, so check those out!

Here are some recent photos. I haven't posted a photo round-up in a while because I was waiting for the last batch of Halloween photos to come in (the ones actually on Halloween) but I think it's time to admit that I'm never going to get those. Photographers are a fickle lot, and sometimes it's just too much 'puter for them. So here are the Halloween Week photos that have surfaced:

So Stoked
Death Guild
Turbo Drive
And some more photos from the last couple of months:

Sequence: Sullivan King
Bootie: '80s vs. Now
Hubba Hubba: Witchcraft
Non-Binary Burlesque
Kristeen Young + Vanessa Silberman

Bootie: Madonnapocalypse
The Hammerbombs + Morrissey's Cock
Hubba Hubba: Video Games
Tnght + Kučka + EPROM
The Tnght show was a pretty odd event. It was thrown by these promoters from LA called Brownies & Lemonade who only rarely do shows in other cities. They sent out an announcement saying "We're doing a show in San Francisco, and we're not telling you who's performing or where." And then the sold a thousand tickets at $40 each, in like, a day.


They didn't actually announce who was performing until the event was half over, but people seemed to get what they expected I guess? Kučka was awesome! They put a ton of production into it, and brought a huge, blinding light show. And here was something that I haven't seen before: they sent us a pre-visualization of the light show based on my 3d Sketchup model of the club!

Contrary to the above renderings, the performers were wearing pants.

8 Responses:

  1. Jayme says:

    Will I be able to buy bottles of DNA Lounge branded alcohol?

  2. Lloyd says:

    Will a move into direct production of controlled substances improve DNA's balance sheet?

    • the hatter says:

      Of course, since when has doing something new ever ended up with a lot of unexpected, inconveniently-timed, expensive 'learning experiences'. There's a reason everyone else does it...

  3. zaba says:

    Please tell me you will ship to Texas. Lie, if you must. Just let me have the fantasy of DNA liquor in my house.

  4. Lloyd says:

    DNA Lounge-branded absinthe would have been the way to go for branding consistency and that edgy vibe.

  5. ssl-3 says:

    Are these bottles superior (in your own gilded opinion) to the other bottles that are/were being served at the same price?

    If so: What are you doing with the old bottles? Why are they still there?

    If not: Sheesh, man. Are you trying to sell booze to me or not?

    (Disclaimer: As you know if you've been paying attention for these past decades, I'm a long way away from there.... but I'm still all in favor of ordering a vague "Whiskey Sour" with the cheapest and most-profitable bottles filling that resultant glass, along with only the best assortment of bitters and other accoutrement. But I'm a weird sort. I probably don't matter.)

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