6-May-2019 (Mon) Wherein we have video of the 2018 Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge

Somehow I missed this, but a few months ago Kenny Hoff posted his video of last July's Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge!

Here's the timeline of the interviews and demos, in case you wanna skip around to your favorites:

  • 0:02:20 The Dude Imbibes
  • 0:04:05 Shock Bot
  • 0:05:28 Kamikaze Blaster (Second Place Winner!)
  • 0:07:45 PenguinGuyCool92 (First Place Winner!)
  • 0:08:46 TikiTron (Third Place Winner!)
  • 0:10:50 N. E. BREE-8
  • 0:14:12 Tikitron again
  • 0:14:44 Booze Vaporator
  • 0:15:55 The Tea Engine
  • 0:18:02 Whiskeyball
  • 0:21:20 Steve the Bartending Robot
  • 0:23:17 Our judges: Hep Svadja, Tomas Puig, Jillian Ogle, Doug Dalton

The sixth annual Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge is coming up on Sunday, July 21, so please get your robots ready and sign up! (I know it's early, but we've only had one robot officially sign up so far. Don't leave me hanging...)

2 Responses:

  1. Christoph says:

    Did you consider inviting Simone https://www.youtube.com/simonegiertz ?
    She knows a thing or two about robots, has experience in getting hammered and recently complained she won't get into any cool clubs... And she's in your neighbourhood (same city, which is still much closer than me who's sitting on the wrong side of the world).

    • jwz says:

      We've asked her to be a judge for the last three years and she's said no... We'll try again though!

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