11-Apr-2019 (Thu) Wherein "Avoid Spikes" remains solid advice

The SF Weekly Best of SF poll is up again, so vote for us, won't you?

Relevant categories include: Best Dance Club, Best Live Music Venue, Best Late Nite Bite, Best Pizza, and Best Live Theatre (which I guess is the only category this year that fit Hubba Hubba Revue or Mortified?)

It means nothing, but we like the validation. If you're the "thoughts and prayers" type, voting for us there is the least you could do. Literally the least. Oh hey, this month we had four new people sign for our Patreon -- count 'em, four -- so please nag your friends, ok?

As the DNA Lounge apocalypse rolls ever nearer, one of the ways that I fiddle while Rome burns is by repairing obsolete electronics.

To that end, welcome to the DNA Lounge Arcade. I fixed up and nightclub-hardened some old arcade games. These had been sitting in my apartment for years, adding excellent ambience but mostly being powered off. But what good are they doing anyone if they aren't being played? That is their mission. So now they're at the club. So I re-built a few boards, put in beefier fans, moved the power switches, got the coin-mechs working, and generally made them more tolerant of the gentle embrace of customers. Please don't tag them.

Sadly, Tempest did not survive all the jostling in the truck and up the stairs. I have not had a chance to figure out which component died this time. Star Wars and Millipede are working great, though! Oh yeah, I also fixed Vectrex: the screen was all squished at the top, and I made the reset button go back to the menu, rather than just restarting the current game, which is something I often saw people being confused by. (Like Vectrex, Star Wars and Tempest use vector CRTs instead of raster CRTs, which makes them just inherently better. No emulation or LCD has ever done these games justice. Elegant games for a more civilized age.)

Oh, hey! We hired a new pizza manager! This guy beat the record for shortest duration ever: this one quit 4 hours before his first shift! He accepted the job, set a start date, and then said "I changed my mind" that very day.

Go team.

Let me leave you with one final thought. The other night I was considering going to see a band that I was barely familiar with (not at my club). But I was grumpy and almost talked myself into staying home. But I didn't, I went to see this random band, and by the time they began their second song, I remembered -- no matter how depressed I am, I have never, not once, ever said, "I should have just sat on my couch instead of going to see that show." Even if the band sucked. (They didn't.)

Support your local live entertainment. Or it won't be there.

Which brings us to the fairly eclectic mix we have coming up in the next couple of weeks. If one of these doesn't float your boat, please consider the possibility that you have already died.

16 Responses:

  1. buzzert says:

    How odd, I just fixed my Tempest and yours is dead! I suppose there can only be one Tempest alive in SF at a time

  2. moof says:

    When in doubt, blame Tempest's deflection transistors (e.g. Q705 and Q706, among others).

    • jwz says:

      Monitor board and CRT power up but logic board isn't getting power, so I'm thinking it's either the regulator board or the supply. Unfortunately the club is a much more difficult place to work on this stuff...

  3. Line Noise says:

    I always wanted to run a pizza restaurant. It's gotta be easier than managing sysadmins and developers!

  4. nooj says:

    I just bought a bunch of merch, including one of those sexy tees and laptop stickers!

    People, you need to realize that after the apocalypse, DNA Lounge merch will be the one and only currency! If you don't buy a shirt now, you'll be worth as much as a dried-up bag of blood.

    • Lloyd says:

      After the financial implosion of the DNA Lounge that will be jwz's own personal apocalypse, DNA Lounge merch will be the only remaining ongoing residual revenue stream that can be leveraged and sold off standalone as a brand.

      The DNA Lounge dating app is going to be awesome. But not 'all ages.'

  5. Bill Paul says:

    Darn, no Galaga machine. Then again, that's probably for the best. Last time I tried playing stock Galaga with no rapid fire it did nothing except serve to remind me that I'm not young anymore.

  6. Lloyd says:

    "These has been siting"?

    even talking about the Best Pizza award when you can't hire a pizza manager shows chutzpah.

    DNA Lounge is Spinal Tap, and the pizza manager is the drummer.

    • jwz says:

      Look, it's good pizza. And none of the previous managers have asphyxiated on it.

  7. Lloyd says:

    Here's to opening up a new revenue stream with the coin-op arcade, and hoping that the repairs are tax-deductable.

    Are you going to put up signs explaining what they are to clubbers who have never seen one?

    Pizza managers always choke to death on someone else's pizza.

  8. Lloyd says:

    Should't the SF weekly Best of SF contest be won by Kim Stanley Robison in perpetuity for his three Californias trilogy?

  9. Binky the Tormented says:

    Maybe there wouldn't be an apocalypse if the calendar weren't so chock-full of negative branding cues - it's striking how often words like "death", "dead", "mortified", "monster", "smash", etc. appear. Halloweeny stuff has its place but does it have to be all the time? Couldn't there be a "Happy Fest" or "Star Dance" or "Peace Party"?

    • Lloyd says:

      If jwz could get Prince to play the lounge, he can get The Wiggles.

      But Charlie Harper doing his kids' songs album would be more on brand.

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