18-Feb-2019 (Mon) Wherein we need a new restaurant manager. Again.

Well, our restaurant manager rage-quit again. This one only lasted two weeks. The last one lasted five!

Both of these guys had extensive experience actually running restaurants, and sounded like they knew what they were doing. And then both of them basically said: "The restaurant has this list of problems (that you explicitly told me about before you hired me). You should probably fix those, bye!"

I mean, no joke, in the interviews we would say, repeatedly, "We're not looking to hire someone who's going to say to us, 'You should have more checklists!' We're looking to hire someone who, as the manager, is going to make those checklists, and make sure they are followed." Both of them said, "Absolutely, I'm your guy!" Then a couple weeks later, "You should get some checklists, good luck with that!"

Double-you tee fuck.

This is so frustrating, because we know there are problems -- money-losing problems -- with our restaurant, and the solution to literally every one of those problems begins with, "Step 1: Hire a competent manager". Right now restaurant management is being spread between three or four people who all have other full time jobs here, jobs which are also critical.

Anyway, here's here's our Craigslist ad. Help, help.

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  1. jon says:

    Honestly, if you're serious, maybe Craigslist isn't the best place to look? If you've turned over the position this many times, maybe talk to a recruiter or reconsider your approach to how you're finding these candidates? I know recruiters cost money (and they are truly evil) but if your first step is hire manager, and you're struggling with that, maybe your first step should be "hire someone to hire manager" ?

    • jwz says:

      If I had any reason to believe that doing that would be more effective than taking heaping fistfuls of money and setting them on fire, I would absolutely do that.

      We have also posted to a bunch of other sites besides CL, FWIW.

    • jwz says:

      And what part of my "seriousness" is in question here? Ha ha ha, this is all just such a lark.

      • James says:

        Nobody is seriously questioning your seriousness, Jamie, but there is one point on which I completely agree with Jon. You need Gordon Ramsey. You need a campaign to find the top five Gordon Ramsey dopplegangers and philosophical soulmates. The closest thing to the intersection of those sets is who you need to hire to be the manager while you recruit your next manager.

        • James says:

          Gordon Ramsay* -- and by dopplegangers I don't mean those who merely look like him, and I apologize for using the word incorrectly, but I mean the people who have styled their life after Gordon Ramsay, even if superficially for the wrong reasons.

          Anyway, you need a hard-ass critic of restaurant management and your hiring strategy is tuned to the least common multiple of getting along with everyone. Your restaurant manager should not be judged by whether they can get along with everyone, because unlike almost all if not all of your other employees, it is in your interest to have a restaurant manager who is not getting along with someone, somewhere, whether that person is the tweaker who can't bus tables until she gets clean, up to the foreign cocoa magnate who is putting child slave labor into your baristas' chocolate syrup.

          • pagrus says:

            It's worth keeping in mind that the superweird economy in San Francisco right now means that it is extremely difficult to find competent baristas/dishwashers/line cooks, and that good restaurant managers are even harder to find. Every person I know in the food/service biz has been saying that for years and it's not going to get any easier any time soon.

            So yeah, getting a Gordon would be sweet but those guys all have jobs at higher paying or more prestigious restaurants.

            So if there's anything I could say that might be helpful here is that DNA Pizza has a lot to offer in non-tangible benefits. If you can articulate those and find someone to whom they are attractive you might have a better shot.

            Encourage popups? Event crossovers? Weekly code reviews with JWZ? Those are all probably terrible ideas but flexibility and creative autonomy could be a draw for the right person.

  2. pagrus says:

    I actually know a guy who would be great, and who might actually be available. Let me see if I can figure out what he's up to these days

  3. "Step 1: Hire a competent manager".

    See what happens when you don't use 0-based indexing?

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