17-May-2018 (Thu) Wherein a winnar is us.

SF Weekly's Best of SF is out, and once again, DNA Lounge was voted "Best Dance Club"! Hooray! Go team!

Also of note, "Best New Club" went to Hotline, last here on March 30. That award is a little awkward, because while we had been doing it quarterly-ish, there's not currently another Hotline event coming up any time soon... schedules are conspiring against us for a while. Maybe later in the year?

I always wonder how snide I'm allowed to be when talking about a popularity contest that we won, but let me just say that my big takeaway from the "Editor's Picks" this year is that we now live in a city where you can go somewhere and pay a "Bong Steward" to wipe off your bong for you. So that's where we are now. As a society.

So here's something funny that has happened twice now, by which I mean not funny at all. We have a urinal in one of the restrooms in the club that is feeling less than fresh. Twice now, a plumber has walked into the pizza place, and asked "Where's the bathroom?" They quite sensibly point random-dude at the restaurant's bathroom, where he proceeds to "fix" the non-broken urinal in there. If our plumbers would tell us the time, or even the day, that they are planning to show up we could do a better job of intercepting them with someone who actually knew what's going on, but ha ha ha ha that's just not how plumbing is done, Son.

"The DNA Lounge Story: Mostly Plumbers and Permits."

Anyhow, please enjoy jwz mixtape 194. and some photos of recent events.

May The Fourth Be With You
Back 2 Bassic: Blvk Sheep
Spring Fest
Cocktail Robotics Hackathon

Monday Hubba
Riddim Hours: Lumberjvck
So Stoked + Peelander-Z
Hubba Hubba: Cartoon Funhouse

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  1. We'll get Hotline back on the books, too many people love it <3

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