19-Feb-2018 (Mon) Wherein it's the Incident Report of the Week!

Last night, at the circus:

"A patron could t find his wife. Called 911.
Then found her at the balcony bar.
The patron called 911 back and cancelled the car."

Some recent photo galleries:

Hubba Canada
Bootie Mardi Gras
Hubba History of the World Part One Vol. 2
United in Hardcore
Bootie Valentine's
Sometimes it's exhausting trying to edit down those galleries to something sane. The photographer says, 'The first batch of photos are up, I'll be adding more!" And there are 608 photos. Of a dance party attended by only 450 people. I wish people would realize that nobody's going to scroll through a dump of your entire camera.

(Update: OMG, they uploaded even more -- now it's a total of 1,565 photos for this one small event. That's 3.5 photos per person. WTF.)

Hey, we'd like to do another Cyberdelia (our Hackers party) again this year, but we need a new corporate sponsor. This party has a lot of expensive overhead, so last year we were able to cover costs by making it be someone's official RSA / B-Sides after party. It went great.

But this year, sadly, that company has dropped out. Their lawyers said they can't sponsor anything that involves alcohol, so their after party has to be held somewhere that you can't get a drink at all. (Yeah, I don't get it either.)

So if your company would be interested, or if you have any suggestions of someone who might, please let me know! We've asked around but have had no bites so far. Target dates would probably be Apr 15 or 17.

4 Responses:

  1. Yuma Tripp says:

    It is glorious.

  2. B says:

    Um, not sure what's not to get - your business is literally a victim of #metoo, just like the ladies. Because of idiocy bro nonsense it's just easier to "no no no", e.g.


    Hopefully calmer heads will prevail but given the actual bad behavior going on at the sort of tech company that be your typical client you're basically just another victim...as the kids say, SMDH.

  3. Mark Shill says:

    Is the DNA lounge still requesting donations, or is it now profitable?

    • jwz says:

      Yes indeed, we still need your money! The donations we are getting are wonderful, but we'd need like 10x as much to even break even.

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