12-Jan-2018 (Fri) Wherein we've got a photo booth now!

Or, "That time I dressed as the Dazzle Booth in the Dazzle Booth."

It's by the Main Room front door, but I went with a Dazzle Room interior because lighter backdrops work better than the usual DNA Lounge green-on-black hotness.

This is going to get messy, I'm sure. Please proceed with the self-mortification. It is Mortified tonight, after all.

I sunk a whole bunch of time in to trying to build my own photo booth a couple of times over the last decade, and each time I ended up giving up because solving the basic vending machine problem of "take cash or card, dispense candy" was just too much of a pain in the ass, so we finally just went with an outside vendor, Photo-Matica. We only get a portion of the money, but they maintain the printer, so, fair trade. (Pro tip: printers are a gigantic pain in the butt.)

I'm told that this cabinet started off its life as a chemical film-based photo booth, some time in the previous century, and they refurbished it with the usual digital features.

6 Responses:

  1. OMG YES! This is gonna get weird!

  2. I’ve seen....things in the LA one.

  3. OK, so I get that olde time SLR silhouettes are no longer recognisable icons for "camera" but that looks more "action cam" than "surveillance state". Shurely shome mishtake.

  4. XuppdduX says:

    2.11.18 JB&MJ&bootsy in perfect sync DJ

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