7-May-2017 (Sun) Wherein Mammon demands followers.

In the interest of getting more people to share our events with their friends, I added one of those annoying pseudo-dialog boxes to the checkout page that gray out the underlying page and that you have to click to dismiss. I know, I'm a monster. But the most effective advertising is when your friend says, "I'm going to a thing, come with me", and Facebook shares are maybe as close as we can get in this modern world. So maybe annoying people with one additional click will result in more of that. It looks like this:

Funny story, by which I mean not so funny, that "Share this event on Facebook" link which is all over the calendar pages hadn't been working right for who-knows-how-long, and nobody told me. It was supposed to (and used to) pre-populate the text field with "I'm going to BLAH at DNA Lounge!" but it was just coming up blank. Sigh. Fixed now. (For how long?)

One annoying thing about both of these share dialogs is that they really need to be opened in a new browser window -- but if you have the Twitter app installed on iOS, it intercepts the URL and opens it in the app instead of on the Twitter web site -- meaning when you pop back to Safari, you're left looking at a blank window. Awesome. I haven't figured out any way around that.

More broadly, I feel like it would be helpful were we to have more followers on the various social media. Is that self-evident? Or is it just cargo-cult mythology? Regardless, I'm not sure what we could be doing differently. (The traditional response to this is, "Let a Social Media Expert convince you that what you should do is pay a lot of money to a Social Media Expert". Uh huh.)

So, just to pick a couple of large local clubs at random (hi guys!) 1015 has 60k Facebook likes, 9k Instagram followers, and 8k on Twitter. And Temple has 40k Facebook likes and 19k Instagram followers, but only 4k on Twitter.

Whereas DNA Lounge also has 40k Facebook likes, and 5,200 on Twitter, but only 1,400 on Instagram.

Mostly Temple seem to post the same kinds of things that we do: lots of flyers and promo images, and the occasional event snapshot. 1015 is the same, but even heavier on the flyers and lighter on the candids. But somehow people judge Temple's Instagram to be 130× more exciting than ours.

It's all voodoo.

Also, funny story, by which I mean not so funny, Facebook won't let me post videos any more. Once Facebook started pushing their own video hosting hard, they started de-ranking Youtube shares: if you post a video on Facebook directly, they show it to a lot more people than if you post a Youtube link. So, I changed my system to post directly instead of just a link, and now what happens almost every time I post a music video by a band who are playing here this week, Facebook's Content ID says, "There's music in that! You monster! CRIME! CRIME!"

They used to put me on double-secret-probation for a day when this happened, but now that seems to have become permanent. Hooray. So now it posts Youtube links again when the direct upload fails, and nobody sees them.

So once again, Facebook and the media conglomerates conspire to make it harder for me to promote the shows by their artists happening at my club. And good luck convincing any of these automated systems that what you are doing is, or should be, permissible. It's robots all the way down and the robots do not give a fuck about your quaint notions of "fair use", or even that you are actively trying to earn money for the people who own that music. That sounds familiar, haven't we been here before? Yup.

Anyhow, follow us, ok?

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6 Responses:

  1. Socedo is how a lot of people up twitter following

  2. I used to think all that SEO shit was nonsense too, then the place I worked hired one of those voodoo people and "engagement" more than doubled, which translated to actual sale increases.

    I still don't know how any of it works, but the take-away is that it actually does, and you get what you pay for. Your mileage may vary, etc.

  3. o.o says:

    Is paying for fake/bot followers on social media still a thing? Not suggesting you do that, but it could explain the difference in numbers.

  4. James says:

    I'm convinced that the route back to media conglomerate sanity is in the direction of sliding scale compulsory royalties but EFF and CC are too far in the thrall of Big Content to even render an opinion.

  5. Nightbird says:

    So, I have a different problem.

    I keep the last page I read of the jwz personal blog always open in a browser tab. When I want to check for new posts, I refresh to see if there is a new "next" link.

    Now suppose I am at the "Pikachu No No" page, and I refresh to see a new link, to the "Forensic Deer" page. That in turn has a link to this "Wherein Mammon Demands Followers" page on the DNA Lounge blog.

    And with this, I am at a dead end. I have no way to get to the "Amphibian" page unless I:

    1) Go back to the "Forensic Deer" page,
    2) Click on the "Home" link, and
    3) Find the diversion to this page and click on the link to the next page ("Amphibian").

    I seem to recall in the past that if you wanted to bring attention to an entry at another blog, you would create a page here with a link to it. The navigation link at the top would still work pointing to the next page of the personal blog.

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