3-May-2017 (Wed) Wherein people get up to shenanigans with our posters.

A couple of amusing things I spotted on the instatwits this week:

@b0psaturnnights liked the Cyberdelia flyer so much that they printed out their own poster of it! I hadn't bothered putting that poster on sale because it was a straight copy of the flyer that appears in Hackers, so I didn't think much of it. (Though I did make it from scratch, because I wasn't able to pull a clean enough image of it from the movie.)

@closemindedjerk appears to be using R.Black 's poster for Halloween 2014 an an element in some kind of suspicious ritual. The summoning grid has been energized. All teams, prep for CASE NIGHTMARE BOSON.
We have many other fine posters for sale!

By the way, remember those Cyberdelia floppies? Did any of you actually load one of them? I need to know.

3 Responses:

  1. Cody says:

    I.. really need to know what was on the floppies.

  2. I... actually support people that still have floppies on their computers. If someone wants to mail me one, I can access the information. It will involve me getting close to sheep.


    If it's early source code to Navigator, it's well worth the price.

    I promise, I will not love on the sheep.

  3. Were it not for the small detail of being almost clear across the country, I'd have certainly examined the contents of those diskettes.

    I've got plenty of floppy drives and computers with them, but I suspect that getting my hands on one of these diskettes is going to be difficult at best.

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