12-Apr-2017 (Wed) Wherein crime is punished and wars are starred.

The Bay Bridged published a really nice article about the latest Hubba Hubba Revue, plus an interview with Kingfish: Crime and Punishment rewards burlesque audience at DNA:

Last Friday, Hubba brought to the stage the latest in its series of grand monthly themed shows: Crime and Punishment, a kink-centered cabaret. Eternally avuncular Jim Sweeney and Alexa Von Kickinface, co-MCs for the evening, took to the stage with Arcadia Kane, the "tour guide" for the evening. All were dressed in striped prison uniforms that looked more Looney Tunes than Alcatraz, Kane's sporting prison number 80085 across her chest. [...]

Von Kickinface beamed as her brainchild was recognized -- while adjusting her faux prison garb, never pausing from her interaction with the audience, despite the persistence of a stuck zipper that kept her from disrobing for the moment -- a real professional.

Thus, a nearly four-hour show began. That's right, four hours.

Normally, anything that is four hours long feels like a prison sentence to me. My poor little ADHD heart can't handle concentrating on anything for that long. However, Hubba has such a lively pace and variety that the moments flew by. I wasn't bored for a moment.

Star Wars Party tomorrow! You're coming, right?

<< Waves hands >>  This is the party you're looking for. Move along. Move along.

You like space, right? Well on the subject of space, we've also just added our second Astronomy On Tap on Tue Apr 25. Free admission! Drink and learn stuff!

Hey, photos! So many photos.

Hotline was pretty great. We're doing another one on June 30th.

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If you've ever been to either location of DNA Pizza, at some point you've probably looked up at the screen playing music videos and said, "What the fuck did I just see?" You may also be aware that you can request videos! Well, except that stopped working recently. It used to be that if you installed the Apple "Remote" app on your phone, you could connect anonymously to our iTunes and queue things up. But guess what, they decided to remove that feature from the new version of Remote that rolled out last month. Thanks, jerks.

That was annoying. A lot of us really like that feature. So I had to take matters into my own hands: please enjoy dnalounge.com/musicvideos/. That page will let you request videos, so long as you are viewing it via the wifi at either DNA Pizza location. There are some limits, of course, to prevent you from being a jerk. So don't be a jerk. Let me know if you find any problems...

Speaking of which, please enjoy jwz mixtape 180.

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  1. nooj says:

    Oh, man, I would desperately love to use this code! The past few weeks I have had to walk over and manually queue every video, like an animal!

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