21-Mar-2017 (Tue) Wherein it's ancient history time.

SF Weekly published a nice profile of "SF's most iconic music venues" -- thus establishing that DNA Lounge is not "iconic", so that's good to know. They wrote articles on Bottom of the Hill, Fillmore, Regency, Warfield, and Great American Music Hall.

Snark aside, I find these historical details really interesting. That's why, years ago, I wrote up the ancient history of DNA Lounge and environs.

Do The Bay did a nice piece on Hotline, our four room indie party happening next Friday the 31st. Blondie K and subOctave have been putting a huge amount of effort into into this, so I expect it to be great! Also apparently they bought, like, a zillion telephones.

I noticed recently that the Javascript I had on the photo galleries to make swipe gestures work was failing in weird ways, so I gave up, threw away all of my code, and switched to using a package called PhotoSwipe instead. It seems to be working pretty well: let me know if you see it malfunction.

Integrating it was a bit tricky because I wanted everything to still work without Javascript, because I'm old school like that, and because I didn't want my existing URL structure to change (that's what the "U" stands for, you know). URLs matter. They tell you whether the person building the web site had a plan and a modicum of taste, or whether they just threw feces at the wall to see what stuck. In my humble but correct opinion, "/2017/03-10/108.html" is only reasonable, whereas "/2017/03-10/#&gid=1&pid=108" is unspeakable, shameful garbage.

Ask me what I think of "/media/set/?set=a.10154084483701734.1073741869.37721106733&type=3" and "/pg/username/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10154084483701734&_rdr" why don't you! I weep for the future.

7 Responses:

  1. Chris says:

    Some of the older galleries, like the 1985 one linked in your fascinating history piece, do not seem to be working correctly. When I click a thumbnail to view the full size image, it briefly flashes to a black screen and then goes back to the gallery page. I can see the URL briefly change and then go back when this happens, from e.g.




    and back to


  2. James says:

    Bash ScriptAlias: for elem in ${REQUEST_URI//// } ;

    Python Flask: @app.route('/<path:code>')

    Nodejs Express: app.get(/^/(.+)/, function(req, res) {...}

    I see what you mean about JavaScript having stopped making the future better. But since 2012 when readable streams got a read method it's been better than it was.

  3. Andrew says:

    I think of DNA as more command-line than iconic.

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