12-Feb-2017 (Sun)
Wherein Razor and Blade have an important message for you.

We had a really good time filming this:

That's Cyberdelia, Tuesday Feb 14!

  • A screening of Hackers at 8pm;
  • 90s electronica dance party to follow;
  • Hackers costume contest at midnight;
  • Head-to-head Wipeout XL competition throughout the night;
  • Interactive VR Demos;
  • Skate ramps! Rollerblades welcome!

If you're in town for the RSA conference, do stop by B Sides, the legit hacker con we are hosting at DNA Lounge this week. Look around for the B Sides Cyberdelia discount code!

And if you're thinking "but but Valentine's Day", here are some clips to remind you that it's totally a date movie:

Please help us spread the word about this one. Our events almost never get covered in the local press and blogs. This time, I even paid someone to write a press release about Cyberdelia, and the collective media response was "Meh."

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