30-Dec-2016 (Fri) Wherein the sidewalk is so shiny and clean.

Here's the thing about our sidewalk. We have a rave tonight, and at these events there is always a gaggle of kids sitting around outside in lingerie they stole from mom, bare asses right on the concrete. It grosses me the hell out -- I want to yell at them, "Don't you know where that sidewalk has been?? Do you want hepatitis? Because this is how you get hepatitis."

Welcome to Fragrant SOMA: our sidewalks are a god damned biohazard. They are a war zone, people.

But tonight! Brand new sidewalk! Nobody has vomited on it yet at all! None of our local crackheads have gifted us with a flowing stream of their prodigious heroin-shits.

I thought about puking on it myself, just to break it in, but I'll leave that to someone else.

Everybody asks, "Did you carve your initials in it?" Pfffff.

When we tag, we tag hard.

4 Responses:

  1. Time for some glow in the dark paint.

  2. Also MRSA ie skin eating staph infection.... Surely someone has pissed on that expanse of clean sidewalk by now?

    • Nick Lamb says:

      Any bacterial infection of the skin can cause necrotizing fasciitis, but almost certainly won't in people healthy enough to be out drinking and dancing. In the general population MRSA causes a few self-limiting skin problems, boils, that sort of thing, but usually nothing you'd bother a doctor with. That's why it's impossible to eradicate - you may well know someone with MRSA right now, who has no idea, and will be fine.

      • Chad D Altenburg says:

        That is totally wrong because a while back I got necrotizing fasciitis in my lower right leg. And yes, I was 100% healthy with no medical conditions when it happened.

        What happened over the course of 48 hours was it started off feeling like I had a minor leg cramp. This evolved into me feeling sick, unable to walk, and having no energy.

        The doctors were able to get rid of it through two surgeries over the course of four days. After that, I had to take antibiotics.

        Also, the guy down the hall from me had MRSA? And guess what? He went through the same thing I did.

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