27-Dec-2016 (Tue) Wherein we now have a Patreon to take monthly donations!

Many of you have asked for the option to contribute on a monthly basis, so here it is:

DNA Lounge on Patreon

Some time very soon we're going to have monthly subscription levels that come with rewards, like tickets to events and whatnot, but we haven't yet worked out what those rewards will be -- and to make that work I still have to write some code. But rather than waiting for that to be done, I decided to add the option of monthly subscriptions right now, and will add the options with rewards later.

Once we add new rewards levels, you can switch to the one that sounds best, but if you want to help us out right now, this option is here! I set the minimum to $5, but by all means feel free to contribute a larger amount. I mean, if $5/month is all that DNA Lounge is worth to you, who am I to argue! We'll take it. That's fine. This is fine.

Bonus Content!

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 176. For those of you who are new here, this is something I do about once a month: a 90 minute mixtape, a cassette-sized chunk of recent music videos that I have discovered and enjoy. If you've ever been to DNA Pizza and looked on in fascination and/or horror at the music videos that we play there 24/7, these mixtapes are where you get to see the new arrivals.

20 Responses:

  1. Will there be a donation boxes at concerts also?

  2. I [finally] came up with a Patron level idea I'd sign up for. Sorry if I'm a late on suggestions.

    A Patron level that gets me into Death Guild. Regular Monday evenings, not counting concerts or other branded events (because obviously). That way you're sure to get my Death Guild door money even when I don't show up.

    This could be applicable for a separate package for Hubba Hubba, Bootie, and other regular events. Present them as "if you make it here every week for this event, let's just put that on a monthly payment plan." For me, that's a lot more buy-in as it's associated to the regular event I attend.

    • I'm right here with John. I'd patreon up for my DG mondays and Hubba as well so that I can make sure you guys are getting my cash even if work doesn't permit me to get out.

  3. nightbird says:

    Good. I plan to sign up on the 5th for $10/month.

    • nightbird says:

      Oh, and I would like to be seated in the No Swag section (not that I expect anything at this level).

  4. Nate Madigan says:

    Raven Mayavat Madigan you just said that the money would be taken care of

  5. Logan Palo says:

    I'm totally down to sign up for a membership once those details are ironed out. DNA is one of the best clubs in the bay for metal shows. In the meantime I'll be at the Brujería show next month with my wife and we'll make sure to get a couple drinks and slices while we're there 🤘🍻😀

  6. In my latest article, I cover the DNA Lounge and the necessity of the underground arts. http://www.colinedavis.com/blog/the-spiritual-necessity-of-the-underground-arts

  7. I'm now a patron

  8. Chad D Altenburg says:

    If I contribute, like uhh..., can I write this off on my taxes? Ie, can this be tax deductible?

  9. Plz! More Metal. Expesially local band and codeword.

  10. Paul N says:

    I am sure it is on your list, but maybe you could link to the Patreon from the original Dec 19 entry? I see you have the Christmas Day update but not this one.

  11. To whichever wag made the monthly total $666, bravo, and I apologize for altering it, but, well, you know. I did get a screenshot, though.

  12. gammaparticle says:

    I'm now a proud patron.

  13. Chris Nelson says:

    Proud to support the weird, wonderful people of DNA.

  14. Andrew says:

    Looking for the pledge drive patter! Let's get those phones ringing!

  15. andrew says:

    I'm in. I'd gladly sign up for an all-Odd Salon membership at a suitably inflated price, too, since I go to most but would happily pay for all if I only fucking remembered.

    If you do pledge drives at shows, PLEASE do one at the bro-iest Bootie they have and record it?

    • jwz says:

      The way clubs work is that the promoter make money at the door and the venue makes money at the bar. The ratios can be tweaked but that's basically how it always works. If it's an in-house show, like almost all of our concerts, then we are both the venue and the promoter. But that's not what Odd Salon, Death Guild, Hubba, Mortified or Bootie are.

      When you buy a ticket for Odd Salon, you're paying the Odd Salon promoters, not DNA Lounge.

      So the economics of selling a ticket bundle for someone else's event is.... complicated. And it's likely not as lucrative for us, as the venue, as you might think.