7-Oct-2016 (Fri) Wherein there's a new happy hour, and some photos.

Have you received the memo about ROT13, our new happy hour over at Codeword? It happens every Monday through Friday from 4pm to 9pm or so. It's being run by Jared, who you might remember as the bartender under the stairs who specializes in the fancier and more interesting cocktails. There are also some pretty tasty appetizers that aren't on the usual DNA Pizza menu. Come check it out.

You can also look at the pretty @rot13sf pictures on the Facebooks, Instagrams and Twits.

"Hey, how's that parklet going?" you didn't ask. Well I'll tell you. Since we were required to remove the parklet in mid June because the construction in front of our door was definitely happening by the end of June, what have they accomplished? Well, they dug up the corner of the sidewalk on the Southeast corner of Folsom and Harrison -- across the street from us, by Costco -- and replaced it with a new corner that is identical the old one in every way except that it has those yellow dots on it now.

This is apparently a two week process, because they pour like five different kinds of concrete to accomplish this, and let them dry between each layer.

So now they're doing that again... on the Southwest corner. Even farther away from us.

It's amazing that anything ever gets built at all.

I'm told they also spent a while digging up the middle of the street on the other side of Harrison from us, because after they began construction they "discovered" that this neighborhood is built on sand and it needed to be reinforced. What an amazing discovery! Who knew! Except everybody.

This is why you had nowhere to sit outside for just about the entire summer. Thanks again, SFMTA and SFDPW. You're doing a bang-up job on this whole "scheduling" thing.

Have plans for this evening?

Might I recommend that you come out to Turbo Drive tonight, in the main room, with Beautiful Machines, Night Club and Vicereine. It will be a good show.

Hey, photos:

Bootie: 13th Anniversary
Pinkish Black
3 Teeth
Assemblage 23
Hubba Hubba: 10th Anniversary

Delorean Overdrive
Bootie: Pizza Party
Art Of Dying
And it's been a while since I posted here, so you have two! two! two! fine mixtapes to enjoy.

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  1. Ben says:

    After like a decade of remotely bothering you in blog comments and an occasional email, I finally moved to the SF area. I work within walking distance of the lounge, so I had pizza for lunch one day this week. It was good! I really liked the table settings, cock sauce should be available everywhere.

    The large Americano was not great, but I'm not sure what went wrong with it. Might just be too large, they can get overwatered.

    Damn, could it have ever used a parklet. It was really hot in the pizza place and really nice outside. Fucking city. Steal the aluminum one from the street that goes from Market to Union Square, no one ever uses it because it has no seats. Add some seats after you steal it.

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