1-Aug-2016 (Mon) Wherein it's been a Code Yellow weekend.

At Bootie on Saturday, we threw out not one but two guys for pissing in trash cans. Any time I find myself saying something like this, someone will disbelievingly say, "Are you kidding me? Some guys just whip it out in the middle of a crowded room and piss in a trash can?"

Yes. Yes they do.

Maybe they get confused and think they're already home and pissing in the refrigerator.

How about a recap of DNA Lounge's Greatest Hits of Pissing:

(And that's not all of them, by a long shot. E.g., I notice now that I never wrote anything about that time that REDACTED, one of our promoters, pissed in a VIP booth during his own event.)

I haven't yet gotten a report on the piss status of our Dore Alley Street Fair party on Sunday, but, this happened, sooooo...

Hey, remember when we used to have a parklet?

It has now been 40 days since SFMTA forced us to remove our parklet. It has now been 28 days since the date that they swore up and down construction was to begin, and so it was absolutely critical that we remove our parklet two weeks before that. Last week they told us that their "unexpected delays" had been overcome, and construction was really, really for sure this time starting on our block on Aug 1.

Here's a photo of the construction that started today:


Ha ha ha, I'm kidding, of course it didn't.

Oh, in other great news, our friends at ABC have come sniffing around again. They actually arrested some girl outside of So Stoked a couple of weeks ago, for having a flask of liquor outside. Cuffed her and took her away. Charming.

I do not have time for this shit.

Some recent photo galleries. I've also set things up so that a few random-ish thumbnails get posted to our Twitter / Facebook / Instagram when a new gallery is added. Sometimes that doesn't work out so well, since all of these services have decided that pictures should be square for some reason, which looks terrible if the photographer did not agree.

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5 Responses:

  1. elving says:

    First, I'd like to pay respects to your recently(ish) departed parklet, may she rest in peace.

    I'm curious about the flask: any idea of how the mere possession of a flask could be grounds for arrest? It's just morbid curiosity, but I know of no one better qualified to comment.

    • Ben says:

      I'll bet on open container, one of those laws designed for when police need to find a reason to be a dick to someone.

  2. nooj says:

    It amazes me the difference between "I think it's ready" and "Considering all the times I thought it was ready, what percentage of those times was it actually ready?", and people's inability to distinguish between the two.

    "Construction will start July 5 Aug 1." is a great example.

  3. nooj says:

    It has now been 40 days since SFMTA forced us to remove our parklet.

    What does "forced" mean in this context? Threatened with daily fines? Threatened with increased SFPD and ABC scrutiny? Would it have been enforced even in the face of unrelated construction delays?

    Because I'm getting involved with construction projects here, and it doesn't seem like the city gives a flying fuck about anyone's timetable, not even their own.

    • jwz says:

      "If you don't remove it, we will, and you'll still have to pay." Also the reality is that if these guys decide that we're the enemy, they can make things go even less smoothly in the future.

      This project is gonna happen, we're getting a wider sidewalk whether we want it or not -- and coincidentally I actually do -- so we all want the same thing. I just want it to fucking happen already so we can get back to normal. There's no real conflict here, except that they are so uncommunicative, and either won't tell us, or don't have, a schedule or plan. Yay bureaucracies!

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